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There are many methods of hair removal for you to ponder over, I guess it all depends on which is more convenient or what delivers the results you need.

  • Chemical :
    • depilatory creams, acids, nuclear effluent
  • Physical :
    • shaving, plucking (with a ‘P’), threading, waxing, sugaring etc. etc.
  • Technological :
    • LASER or IPL, genetic engineering, industrial oxy torches
  • Mechanical :
    • such as an epilady, clippers, hedge trimmers, mowers or wide tooth shearing combs.


I offer a range of services and products related to the various methods of removing, maintaining and managing your body hair.

Thank the Gods that we're all quite different to each other physically and mentally .... Just some are a bit more mental than others ..... It may be Darwin's theory or just plain old genetics but what you got is what you got I'm afraid. I'm here then to help you take control of that which your genetic blood line has dished out to you. To devise a treatment and maintenance plan best suited to you, your lifestyle and the image that you're wanting to project to others and 'socially fit in'.

Services Offered




Light energy in the form of heat, penetrates the root of the hair and damages the follicle preventing it from producing new hair .... that's about it in a nutshell but for more regarding the mechanics of LASER follow the link.

A common problem for guys on their chest/abs or back that's aggravated by waxing, the skin will be free from pseudofolliculitis by ridding the hair from the treated area.

LASER works at permanently reducing body hair from an area with results of up to 90%, any hair remaining will become finer.

Body Wax



Immediate and longer lasting results with bonus of rejuvenating the skin by removing dead skin cells.

Hair is removed by the root and delayed from regrowing by 1-3 weeks depending on the area

Taking a razor to your balls can be a bit scary for some, waxing won't give you cuts or nicks to your love nuts or other body parts, instead it'll give you the silkiest, smoothest balls/skin you (or anyone else) has every felt.

Body Clip


Think of this as getting a haircut but on your body instead of your head. Hair is clipped and graded to varying lengths from #00, flush to the skin, to #6 which would leave the hair several cm long ... and then all lengths in between.

Body hair is professionally clipped, graded and styled with attention to detail and aesthetics. It's NOT a case of some bozo just running the #3 clipper over your body and sending you on your way .... pal-lease !

Natural, tidy and refreshing it's a pain free alternative that can help you achieve that sporty look.

Massage and/or Reiki

Highly effective way to de-stress, speed recuperation, enhance training gains and your overall well being.

The manipulation of the soft tissues of the body and has been said to aid in several ways. It may help to relax muscles, help in blood circulation, remove toxins from the body, stimulate nerve activity, increase lung activity, quiets and soothes the nervous system .... to name but a few.


After waxing, or LASER Permanent Hair Reduction treatments, your skin can be tender and a bit irritated so you may need to be 'mothered' for a few days. With the various treatments there'll always be the possibilities of irritation, rashes, bumps, ingrown or general sensitivity with those out there with super-sensitive skin. Here I have a selection of products that will do the 'mothering' for you, although without the warm and fuzzy hugs I'm afraid.


Every person has their own unique needs for hair removal if you are unsure in any way regarding anything related to hair removal I'm only a phone call/text away. If you are considering LASER, then I’ll suggest booking in for a consultation. It really is the only way to know for sure how much your investment will cost and as much of a pain in the arse it is having to traipse all over the place trying to find a place that, not only you feel comfortable with, but also makes you feel confident of the procedure and results you can achieve.

nylon swim wear range available at studio

* This is a NON SEXUAL service conducted by a PROFESSIONAL Male Aesthetician
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