So then, here's the go ...... I've listed here the most common questions that people have asked me and ones that I've asked others. Each question is dealt with quickly so that you can read on to the next without getting caught up in my dribble.

There are also numerous links within each answer so that you can explore in greater detail and in so doing, get even more saturated with my dribblings.

I hope that this 'enlightens' you somewhat with regard to LASER for the use of Permanent Hair Reduction and helps you to decide one way or another on whether it's for you or not.

The journey for me deciding which technology to go for was a long one and full of questions and research. If you're really bored and have nothing to do you can read about it here, otherwise move along and get to what is really interesting. It's taken me for friggin' EVER to update all of this, as my current clients will have heard my frustrations, but I think it's been worth it in the end and all those empty bottles of Vodka will I'm sure have a use at some point.


Laser - Most Common FAQs

What actually IS LASER ?

LASER .... what the ?



An image not unlike that of my own happy snaps of when I first started experimenting with LASER

LASER is an acronym for ‘Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation’ ….. and works on the principle of selective photothermolysis …… If you’re like me you’d be sitting there going  ‘What the hell ?????’ “photo” meaning “light”, “thermo” meaning “heat” and “lysis” meaning “destruction” … put it all together and you have light-heat-destruction.

LASER emits a concentrated beam of light that's focused, rather than diffuse, so it’s very precise in the energy delivered which ultimately blasts the living shit out of those hair follicles. This highly concentrated beam of light is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicle and, because the temperature has risen to such a high level, destroys the structure of the root of the hair (papilla). Now you can say that it's totally rooted !!


How does LASER Hair removal work ?

Machinations of that bright light thingy.



If you're like myself and prefer 'plain English' this is a basic explanation of the machinations of how LASER works at removing/reducing/eradicating your permanent winter pelt.

Laser hair removal is simply a process of getting rid of any unwanted hair growth by means of using light to destroy the root of the hair

How LASER Hair Removal works you may need a little more understanding on hair, hair growth patterns and the growth cycles which you can find following this link here.

Because this is covered in greater detail by following the above link I’ll be quick and to the point. In laymen’s terms LASER hair removal is just a procedure of buggering off any unwanted hair growth in whatever region by using light to destroy the root of the hair. The melanin in your hair, (which is what gives your hair it’s colour), attracts and absorbs the energy of the LASER. This energy follows the shaft to your root (nothing to do with your night out over the weekend), where it’s damaged and thus hindering further growth. Because your hair has to be in a state of growth it will take several procedures to get that long lasting outcome of the state of smoothness you are after.

For greater detail of how your root is destroyed by intense light follow this link to the hair growth page


I've heard the terms LASER and IPL, are they the same thing ?

Like cheese and chalk



Sure, oranges and lemons are both citrus fruits but do they taste the same ?


IPL is an acronym for 'Intense Pulsed Light' and is often mistakenly called or referred to as laser.

'Intense' ....... well what else would you call something that goes up to 1200nm? 'Pulsed' because it flashes not dissimilar to a camera flash going off and 'Light' because HELLO .... it's a light !

Light is measured in nanometres (nm) and the light that an IPL device produces (depending on the make of course) ranges between 400nm and 1200nm. Special filters are then used to block out the unwanted wavelengths. Which filter used will depend on the depth of light required for the intended target/condition/procedure, whatever.

Characteristics of IPL :

  • Noncoherent : in that they can loose their strength when fired
  • Broad spectrum : as mentioned above, IPL uses different wave lengths between 400nm - 1200nm
  • Non collimated : the light is scattered, like a flash from a camera flash

Now I’m going to create an argument here by saying that IPL is less effective than Laser. I’ve seen some great results achieved by IPL but from the research I conducted, and considering that I’m only going to be doing hair removal/reduction procedures, for the best results I chose LASER over IPL.


Laser hair removal is simply a process of getting rid of any unwanted hair growth by means of using light to destroy the root of the hair.

I've gone in to much greater detail regarding LASER technology here but in a nut shell the basics are mentioned above here

Characteristics of LASER :

  • Coherent : light waves are generated all together.
  • Monochromatic : Lasers deliver one specific, yet very powerful and pure colour.
  • Collimated : when fired a LASER will not loose its strength with distance which means it's highly powerful. We've all heard about those idiots that use laser pointers to hassle planes flying overhead.

The difference between the two.

The obvious difference, and it doesn’t take Einstein to work this out, are the names. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light.

I’ve noticed that there is a LOT of confusion out there these days with everything, not just with the political parties or your sexuality but this LASER/IPL business too. Both technologies employ light as an energy to stuff up the growth cycle of your roots (hair follicle). Once this light is absorbed in the hair follicle it converts to heat and whamoh !!. The main differences is the technology used to generate this light energy.

  • IPL emits a variety of light wavelengths, not all of these though are the correct wavelengths to target melanin in the hair follicle. Laser on the other hand, emits a single and very precise wavelength that is specifically targeted to attack the melanin in the hair follicle. With colour (or chromophores if you want to get technical ) being the target, the importance of wave lengths is that different colours are absorbed by different wave lengths. Laser machines therefore, create more heat directed towards the hair follicle than IPL systems, hence achieving better results.

Noted below, IPL on the left being wide wavelength and LASER on the right being precise.

The other image gives you a rough idea on the depth the light penetrates for various LASER and IPL devices.

  • LASERs were developed to provide solutions for unwanted hair and their permanent reduction. IPLs were developed originally to treat a variety of skin conditions .... an amazing side effect was hair loss.
  • Cost .... overall it could cost more in the long run using IPL because of the variety of light wavelengths it produces the results may vary greatly to that if you had used LASER. IPL procedures most likely will be cheaper per session than LASER but maintenance over a period of time could see you returning for touch up procedures more often having been treated with IPL rather than LASER.

Please Note: Technologies are always improving, changing and developing over time so bear in mind that the various devices and their abilities at permanent hair reduction will as well.

There is no permanent hair removal; however, permanent hair reduction can be achieved with both LASER hair removal and IPL very successfully ... at the end of the day though guys it's your decision.


Is LASER hair removal permanent or is it just bullshit ?

Is LASER Hair Removal permanent ?



...... or like a few things out there and just bullshit ?

There may be a couple of other considerations one may take in to account before going down the path of LASER permanent hair reduction.

When you get a tattoo it’s there forever …. Similar, if you get rid of all your chest hair take a minute or two to think whether at some point you may actually not mind, dare I suggest, like having a hairy chest. I’ve spoken to numerous women who like their men to have a hairy chest, especially when in their mid 40’s. To quote one of them “I want a man as my husband and not a boy, I don’t like the idea of having a partner that looks like he’s still an adolescent and hasn’t grown up” ….. Each to their own as they say but is worth consideration.

Is LASER permanent ? .... It’s not totally bullshit but a little education is required here ….  No-one can promote LASER, or IPL for that matter, as permanent hair removal but as permanent hair reduction.

LASER, or IPL (as there is a difference between the two), will disable the hair permanently as long as the right type of laser is used to treat the right type of hair on the right settings …..


Have you got that ? .......  Riiiiiight.


Just like those incredible ab machines transform people into having amazing 6 pac abs, results WILL vary from individual to individual ...... THAT is a fact.

The industry uses the term “reduction” because hair removal by IPL or LASER can NOT remove 100% of the hair in a particular area no matter what bullshit some clinics will claim. It’s the same crap when they claim to be using IPL laser and confuse people in to thinking that they getting treated by a LASER. But then I have addressed that in another area.

Really, the only process that can claim “permanent hair removal” is electrolysis. The best way to tell if it’s worked or not is to check yourself out about 6 – 12 months from your last LASER treatment. I know what you may be thinking, how the hell are you going to be able to do that when you haven’t even had your first procedure yet. Also, will you have spent a shit load of money only to find out that it didn’t work ? They’re just some of the decisions that only you can make, as for myself and clients, I have before and after pictures along with progress pictures of past and current clients available here.

Hair that may grow after your 12-month anniversary from your last procedure is new hair that for various reasons can develop. Factors such as your age (unfortunately some men get hairier as they get older, except their head), diet, hormonal changes (especially in women due to child birth or menopause) and medical conditions. For these reasons maintenance sessions are recommended yearly or as you may see best fits your needs.

These days with continual research and advancements, new technology is able to give you up to 90% permanent reduction on most skin types and on all body bits, (there’s always a few exceptions though i.e. Inner ear, eyes or the palms of your hand for you wankers out there).


What does getting your 1st LASER hair removal treatment involve ?



will you have to audition with a dance routine or perform other acts ?

For a greater and more in-depth look at the process of getting one (Laser treatment), check out this page linked here but for a brief rundown, read on.

Consultation: Firstly, you and I will sit down and have a chat. LASER hair removal is a medical procedure and as such you'll undergo a physical assessment of your hair and skin and then answer a few questions regarding your medical history and any medications that you are currently taking that may affect your results. This will determine if in fact you are a suitable candidate for LASER procedures.


Patch Test: After the consultation and we've determined that you're good to go ahead with LASER procedures, we’ll do a patch test. This is where we’ll determine the settings to begin your journey to reduced hair density and smoothness.

A few weeks after your patch test I’ll get you to come back in for a very quick assessment be it a large area and if a small area we’ll get straight in to performing your first procedure.

Procedures: Because of the way in which those annoying hairs grow in their cycles you have to catch them in their growing phase. For this reason, I tell people that they can expect 4 to 8 procedures at least but at any time YOU decide when enough is enough. For this reason, some clients prefer to pay as they go, the ‘casual’ client whereas others choose to take advantage of the discount and invest in 6 procedures. What they don’t use is carried forward to be used at a later date for routine maintenance.

After Care: Avoid sun exposure to the area that’s been treated and wear SPF 50+ on it. If you’ve gone to Point Addis nudist beach and proceeded to get your arse burnt raw, the last thing you’ll be wanting to do the next day is to go back out there and subject your arse to more of it ….. that’s the sun I’m talking about !

For the first 24hrs avoid doing things that may have the possibility of irritating your skin and again, I always tell people to treat that area as if it’s been out in the sun too long. Avoid really hot showers (ouch !), sweating excessively (an excuse to avoid the gym or your husband’s amorous advances), rough exfoliation (scratching yourself with steel wool ? yeow !!) or products that contain a lot of chemicals (if you’re going to Beijing then don’t breathe the air !) After these first few days then sure, apart from going out and exposing the area to the sun, carry on as ‘normal’.

What areas can be treated with LASER ?

What areas can be treated with LASER ?



tired of shaving your balls, can you LASER them ?

By now I’m probably starting to repeat myself but for those of you that haven’t read everything and just scanning through things, here I go, albeit again.


Many people have different reactions when I tell them some of the areas that are treatable with LASER, especially when it comes to their bit and pieces. For some reason guys are very protective of their manhood when they think of gettinga medical grade laser on to it .... rightly so I guess.

Virtually all areas can be treated including your butt crack, and other nether regions .... all except for the area around or near the eyes (excluding the monobrow).

So if you’re waxing or shaving because you and your partner are sick of fur balls, maybe LASER is an option ?

Some of the areas currently being treated .....



Can hair return years later ?

Did you get taken for a ride ?



Making it a very awkward wedding day !

I’d say that this has been answered under the ‘Is it permanent’ question above.

In essence though, once a hair follicle has been wiped off the planet it’ll never produce a hair again. BUT …. By using some medications, the effects of stress, hormonal changes (pregnancy or menopause), genetics etc., some of those hairs in the dormant state could be stimulated to grow, kinda the Viagra effect in which case not much happens unless artificially stimulated.

Another thing, hair that's not in the active growing phase (Anagen) won't have been treated and therefore continue to grow. 25% of your hair is in the active growing phase on average so you will need several procedures to be successful to a level that you will hopefully be happy with.


Within weeks of having had a laser treatment though, you will notice hair ‘growing’ but what is actually happening is that it’s starting to ‘shed’.

It’ll look like it’s growing back but it’s just being pushed out of the follicle, I’ve seen clients shedding within a week but you can expect it to start happening around the 2 week mark and lasts for another couple of weeks.

If you like you can start exfoliating gently in the shower to speed up the process but otherwise it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

The same goes for those tiny black dots that appear, called ‘pepperspots’ they too will eventually shed as they’re just caramelised hair follicles.




How much does LASER hair removal cost ?

How much does LASER Hair Removal cost ?



Are you going to have to refinance you Toorak mansion or sell the children in to slavery ?

If you want to get an accurate price you will first need to get over any embarrassment you may have with talking about your body parts, bits and pieces so that you can be precise and clear when mentioning your exact needs.  Establish the locations on the body you want treated, have a look at them in the mirror (without using it as an excuse to interfere with yourself), and make a mental note where the hair starts and stops and then where YOU want it to start and stop. 

If you send me a text message asking “how much for laser” or “how much does laser cost” I’ll want to reach through the phone and smack you …. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t allow for that. Prices you may see on my site are always a ‘guestimate’ and within a range rather than a solid fixed price. My prices then range from $50 to $1600 PER SESSION which is also why I offer a discount for those of you willing to buy a package of 6 procedures up front and get a considerable saving.

Costs will vary between businesses GREATLY. Beware the cheap coupons and offers though. You’ll see promotions selling 2 or 3 areas for $60 (a back would count as 1 area to some), and other businesses won’t have promotions like that have a static price for a back of up to $500.

You've GOT to understand (here I go again), that what you call a hairy back and what I and other aestheticians call a hairy back will be totally different and therefore so will the costs. Hence nearly everyone will want you to come in for a consultation so they can quote accurately rather than scare the shit out of you with a price that you probably weren’t expecting. Yes, you can get to the airport in a run-down bomb of a car, you can take the bus or grab an Uber limo …. It’s the quality of the ride and experience.

For greater detail on this subject, see your bank manager and then check out this link :

What determines prices ?

or for estimations of pricing find the price page.


Laser - The Process FAQs

Am I a candidate for LASER hair removal ?

We think, therefore it is ... or is it?



(you’ve been told it’ll work for you, but are you really going to be wasting your time and hard earned cash ….. unless it’s going on credit card and you'll pay it off over time ... yeah right, we said that about the 75" curved LED 3D Samsung too)

First things first because if you aren’t a candidate then what’s the point of going any further right ?


As far as your hair and skin are concerned, in a nut shell, white skin and black hair, and for you politically correct people, get over it, it’s an issue of melanin not colours. The technology of LASER works by targeting melanin, the darker the hair the more melanin. The light of the LASER travels down the hair shaft to the root and, using this light energy, gets to the root of the problem (which is your root) and destroys it from being able to regrow a hair. The tricky thing is that skin also has melanin in it, and again, the darker the skin the more melanin. So the greater the contrast between skin and hair colour the better the results. That's not to say that darker skins can't be treated for LASER hair reduction as they can .... just your results and treatment schedules will vary.

Should all be good with your skin / hair types then the next step is a quick consideration of your state of health and any medications you may be under the influence of or have recently taken.



From here you next have to determine what skin type you have.

If you’re still in doubt regarding whether or not you would be a candidate and like to read more of my ranting follow the link 'am I a candidate', or if you're finally bored and want to find out about booking in for a consultation, follow the consultation process here.


Can I use other methods of hair removal while having LASER treatments ?

Planning on a bit of hair home maintenance ?


I'd certainly wait a week or more to let your skin settle down before thinking about tackling the hair issue. If it's an area that you aren't being treated with LASER then by all means do what you want, but the area that you are treating with LASER ? NO.

Shaving is the best method keeping the area smooth in between procedures but any methods that rip out the hair from the root will negate the effect of LASER. If you do forget and get a wax then you will have to wait around 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the wax before you really consider going back to the LASER or IPL procedures. In any case, ALWAYS tell your Aesthetician before they start whether or not you have waxed or tweezed etc., in the area.

Laser - The Consultation FAQs

First things first, if you're on medication or concerned about anything SEE YOUR GP .... BEFORE you com in for a consultation just to make sure that your body is up for it.

Secondly contact me, or the clinc of your choice (if you are in Melbourne that’d be me because of all this trouble I’ve gone to with this site wouldn’t it ?)) and book yourself in for a consultation. There's are a few steps that you’ll need to go through before starting your treatment, yes I understand what you’re probably thinking ..... once you’ve made your choice to get laser you’ll want to jump in and get your hands dirty while the momentum is there, but, first things first I’m afraid.

I’ll want to check out the hair in the area to be removed, say hi, introduce myself and get acquainted with all those follicles before I introduce them to their after-life.

First you’ll have to complete a short questionnaire relating to your hair removal needs, your realistic expectations, and medical history. This is a non-negotiable requirement I’m afraid, regardless of any previous laser, IPL or other light therapy treatment they you may have done previously.

Don’t forget, laser hair removal is not done using a toy …. It’s some serious shit so there’ll be things you just can’t get out of when it comes to looking after yourself whilst having treatments such as not going out and exposing the area in the sun over the next several months …. If you can’t be bothered with all of it then obviously you’re not in the right headspace to go down the LASER or IPL path.

That's it in a nut shell but as always there's more if you would like to read an expanded view.

How do I know what skin type I have ?

What skin type do you have ?



.... dry and scaly doesn't mean you're reptilian of origin, or does it ?

I’ll get you to complete a couple of forms, one of which will be the ‘Fitzpatrick’ scale to determine your skin colour that'll help decide on what settings we’ll start your procedures on.

The Fitzpatrick classification is a dozen or so questions that’ll determine which skin type you are between I and IV, for greater detail on the Fitzpatrick Scale follow this link.



Why do I need to have a Patch test ?

Are you going to look like road kill ?



..... I can't be bothered piss farting around and just want to get in and start treatments now, not in 2 weeks .... so why can't I ?

Once we’ve worked out your skin type, hair type, gone through the screening process of medications and any health issues that you may or may not have and so determined that you’re a GREAT candidate for laser hair removal, with your signed consent, it’s time for patch testing.

Your patch test will be done at least 1-2 weeks before your treatment commences and will be the only time that I’ll role play the Head Master demanding, for safety reasons, to ensure we get the right settings down so that when you return a week or so later we can assess your skin and see how it and your hair have reacted

A picture tells a thousand words ….. As seen here, a section of skin is clear felled of any old world growth andundergrowth (don’t tell the conservationists), this patch is then divided into sections so that we can determine  safe and effective parameters for your skin and hair type.

We want to determine the settings of the laser treatment that will give you the best results so, using several settings tailored to your skin and hair type, we’ll start at a lower level of energy and then gradually work our way up to what will be a good clinical endpoint.


Do I need to do anything special before a LASER procedure ?


How do I prepare myself before my procedure ?



.... do you need to meditate, perform any rituals or sacrifices ? Is a rubber inner tube REALLY going to help ???

Sure, there are several things that need to be done before your regular treatment that will differ to what to be done before a patch test. Follow this link for a more in depth discussion on what to do and what not to do here


Does LASER hair removal hurt ?

The pain similar to getting your arse smacked ?



..... are you going to scream your lungs out whilst smelling burning flesh ?

Good question but flippin’ heck it’s a hard one to answer. I mean, there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain …. All forms of hair removal have a degree of sensitivity and trust me I’ve seen the biggest and strongest of men reduced to whimpering babies when getting waxed and the slightest built men not even flinch or pause in conversation.


So does it hurt ? Most online sources report it to be like being flicked with a rubber band but, from my experience my clients have said that it feels like a lot of little needles prickling the skin. It may be uncomfortable or you may not feel anything at all but it aint childbirth.

As with waxing and other forms of hair removal, your state of mind and body plays a huge part in your sensitivity. If it’s been a hard day, a stressful one, maybe you’re tired, upset, pissed off or just a grumpy ol’ bastard then these are all things that can increase your sensitivity.  Frustration, anxiety, some medications, hormones and whether or not your menstrual cycle has kicked in are a few others that may could possible get your sensitivity levels higher than normal …. it’s important to relax, practice your controlled breathing and generally just chill.

Other conditions such as ingrown hair, folliculitis or hair left on the body from a recent shave will also have an effect. My question would be, do you man up and accept the little pricks (no pun intended) or are you wanting hugs and pats of reassurance in between zaps because your inflexibility stops you from licking yourself ?

Both LASERS and IPL can be uncomfortable to painful depending on your skin type, your skins condition, presence of ingrown hairs or folliculitis and really, at the end of the day, your own pain tolerance. Guys, from my own observations, women are a lot better at tolerating pain or 'discomfort' than you hero guys (generally speaking) .... yep, it's time for some of you pussies out there to man up ! Yelling out when an AWOL hair gets plucked out ... REALLY ????

The LASER that I use has an integrated cooling system which has the ability to bring the temperature down to 0. It’s chilly enough for some people to say that the cooling is more uncomfortable than the LASER and luckily enough I can adjust the cooling mechanism.


What can I expect from a consultation ?

Consultation expectations



We all have expectations, and then there's REALITY stepping in and ruining everything .... so what are YOUR expectations and how can I ruin them ..... or help them become reality ?

I think I've repeated myself enough saying the same thing in many different ways by now. This question has been dealt with here also, other questions such as 'am I a candidate' or 'how does laser work' can help to educate you on your expectations and the reality of it ... otherwise contact me, book in and let's talk about it.

How do I treat myself before or after a procedure ?

Looking after yourself post procedure



.. I realise that you're all toughies (when around others), but when the doors are closed, how do you care for yourself ?

Sometimes the same question can be asked in many ways and as such this particular question can be answered by being redirected to the 'pre and post care' page which explains in greater detail your dos and don'ts.

Laser, taking care of before and after


What precautions do I need to take ?

What precautions do I need to take ?



It's not like you're going to the milkbar for a cherry ripe, some things you have to be prepared for ..... Just like a Saturday night out .... what ‘protection’ ought you use and what should you be ‘abstaining’ from ?

Dos and Don’ts of getting LASER in a more expanded view

Caring for yourself, before and after routines

If you haven’t read it already, check out the short note under ‘after care’

In a nut shell though,

  • avoid direct sun on the area to be treated 2 – 4 weeks before and after your procedure.
  • Avoid waxing, tweezing or threading 2 – 4 weeks before your procedure for best results.
  • Shaving is allowed but do so under the request of your aesthetician one or two days before your procedure.
  • Having a visible stubble growth will allow them to see where the hair growth pattern is and reduce missing any of those little bastards.


Are there any side effects or risks associated with LASER hair removal ?

Side effects and the risks of LASER hair removal.



are you going to develop a third eye or wake up with a 3rd leg ? (you wish)

As with everything out there, there are risks and you ought to be aware of them. It’s not to say that you will experience any of them but just be mindful that it may be possible.

The most common temporary side effects one may experience, besides the obvious one of ‘discomfort’ (yes some of you may refer to it as needling or being flicked with a rubber band repeatedly, are :

  • Pain
    • Some people might feel discomfort during a treatment depending on the area but from my own experience most of my clients on a scale of 1- 10 sit at around 3 or 4.
  • Skin irritation
    • Temporary discomfort, redness and light swelling that may look like little mosquito bites or goose bumps. This is referred to as ‘perifollicular oedema’ and will disappear either by the end of the procedure, several hours to a few days.
  • Pigment changes
    • Your skin might darken or lighten from the use of laser or IPL. Usually this is temporary but may take some months to disappear … Skin lightening usually affects those who have darker skin.
  • Blistering, crusting, scarring and other skin textural changes may be experienced but these are rarities.

More permanent or alarming could be bruising, crusting/scab formation, purple colouring of the skin (Purpura) or temporary pigment change (hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation)

For a more in-depth conversation on this topic check out my page here



Laser - How Often FAQs

How long does a LASER hair removal procedure take ?

How long does a LASER Hair Removal procedure take ?



will you have to pack your lunch and maybe an overnight bag ?

How long is a piece of string ? It’s common sense really that if you’re just doing your upper lip then it’s only going to take 20 min or so. The manufacturers of my LASER say that I can do a back in 20 min but in my experience that can vary GREATLY …. For example, some people don’t feel anything and I can whip through as fast as my LASER will allow and yes I could do a back in 20 – 30 minutes. Others do feel more discomfort and with the cooling head of my LASER I’m able to reduce the temperature to ‘0’ and this then makes everything more bearable. The only thing with this is that there is a pause whilst the skin temperature cools adding several seconds to each trigger of the LASER. As a result, that same back procedure for one client taking 20 – 30 minutes could explode out to 60 – 80 minutes. How long does a LASER Hair Removal procedure take then is hard to determine and is timed on an individual basis using the first full procedure as the basis.

I’m going to sound like a broken record here but as usual your skin type, hair colour and hair type will also determine how fast we can move through a procedure. See also ‘Does it work


How many procedures will I need ?

How many LASER hair removal treatments will I need ?



Before you feeling as though you’re being ripped off and taken for a ride you mean ?

One thing, as all my clients will attest to, is that I’m not a person to rip anyone off nor take advantage of a situation. If I don’t think a procedure is required be it waxing, clipping or LASER then I will tell you. What YOU want though is up to you, so if you tell me to rip it off, cut it off, or get it off, then I will (I think it’s called customer service)

Let’s talk REALITY here …… most people will need between 4 and 8 treatments. Having said that, I have spoken to women who have had 12 procedures on their legs at other clinics and feel as though nothing has changed. I’ve also spoken to people that have only had 3 treatments and they’ve achieved the results that they were hoping for. At the end of the day you have to be realistic and consider that individual results WILL VARY from person to person. Your age, gender, skin type, hair type and more importantly your punctuality with appointments all play a part in your success at achieving your desired results.

And as with most of these FAQs If you want to read this subject in greater detail, follow this link here.

Synchronising hair growth cycles:


It’s very important that you treat your hair follicle during the active growing phase or anagen phase. This is when the follicle is still connected to the root and has the greatest chance of being destroyed by the energy of the LASER and thus from regenerating a new hair.

Each of your hair follicles goes through its own individual growth phase and they do it all at different times. Any hair that isn’t connected to the root because it’s in one of the other growth phases or it’s been waxed out, plucked out or ripped out by someone’s teeth won’t be destroyed. Your hair has to be given time to go through these phases so that each and every follicle can be targeted.

The hair growth cycle is rather interesting, for some. I’d encourage you to put on your lycra co-ordinating outfits, for you MAMILs out there, and jump on and take the ride of discovery. Understanding why you need a series of treatments will also help those of you that wax to realise the benefits of maintaining a regular waxing regime

For a better understanding of your bit of fluff click here.


How close can procedures be spaced apart ?

How close can LASER treatments be spaced ?


Check out the question above ‘How many sessions will you need

Check out ‘hair growth cycle

Your hair is most susceptible when in the growth or anagen phase and is starting to show its ugly head popping up above your dermal layer. Generally, the majority of those will be surfacing every 3 – 5 weeks on the face where hair grows more quickly, and 6 – 8 weeks on the larger areas of your body.


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