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What's going on then ?

November 2014

What am I up to right now ?


Right now ? .... well I've been kinda bustin' my balls staying up way into the weee hours getting together all the information and other crap I think I'll need to update my website.

Laser is obviously the direction that I'm now going simply because the results it brings and that's what hair removal is about, getting the best results for the best look you want to achieve.

Technology has advanced so much, the device I've sold my soul for is, at the time of me writing this, the lastest out of Germany and the only one in Australia.

I still wouldn't say that it's pain free but the majority of clients have commented on how painless it felt, in fact some have said that waxing is more painful.

So, apart from that everything else is smooth sailing .... the clinic is busy, it has it's ups and downs like any but we still find ourselves unable to answer the phone when it rings, if any of us have clients it's our policy to not leave a client mid procedure so text messages seem to be the best option.

We are looking in to online booking but that is still in the pipeworks and will need to be tested thoroughly before going live with it.


Website Updates:

You'll all be getting a text message soon letting you all know when the website is finally finished but until then bit, by bit, it's coming together.

If you have any suggestions let me know for now though it's back to the keyboard to hammer away at the updates ....



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March 2018

Shit, it's been a long time since I looked at this page ..... We've now moved in to a private clinic, laser is doing very well with more of you guys turning to laser as a more permanent solution to your waxing ... and why wouldn't you really !!?

Consultations are $80 and are refunded should you go ahead with a treatment schedule. Want more information then just have a chat next time you're in for a visit.

Easter is coming up, the Grand Prix and then it's all back to normal, what ever THAT is ??

December 2017 - Christmas / New Year hours

Closed 24th December and reopen January 4th

business demands are such that it's the beginning of Novermber and already the weeks ahead are almost booked out. Great from my a business point of view but also quite stressfull as I know damn well that some of you won't have your shit together and will be contacting me last minute asking "do you have any time for a wax tomorrow or next week" ..... my answer more than likely will be "um, no I don't, it's been sold out for ages"

SO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER guys and book ...... most are booking ahead for their next sessions. I don't mind if you have to cancel a few days before hand as the spare time will allow me to do a load of washing or get to eat some food but at least you'll have a time slotted in.

As usual, for the month of December, I do NOT accept new clients ...... as always I look after those that have been coming throughout the year and past years first ... they share the love, so I do as well.


July 2016

Moved in to new clinic in Windsor with new hours :

Monday : CLOSED

Tuesday: 08:30 - last booking taken at 19:30

Wednesday : 08:30 - last booking taken at 19:30

Thursday : 08:30 - last booking taken at 19:30

Friday : 08:30 - last booking taken at 19:30

Saturday : 10:00 - last booking taken at 19:30

Sunday : CLOSED


January 2014

I'm FINALLY part of facebook community ! Go on, check it out and 'like' me or add me as your friend to keep up to date with what's going on and any hot off the press news.

FACEBOOK: Zaque Mens Bodyworks

FACEBOOK: Zaque Bodyworks

or just click on the link in the left column.

I've renovated and overhauled this site, so I think my main thing at the moment is to get your feedback on what you think of it.

Let me know if you've found any mistakes, typo's, or you general comments it will all be appreciated. Do this by going to my contact me page .... again you will have to type in the address manually I'm afraid ... spam and bullshit emails are clogging up my servers at the moment, unless you know of a better way to safe guard an email address.

Ok then, so what's the latest gossip ......

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October 2013

I'm getting closer to acquiring LASER technology !!!! Hopefully it shouldn't be to much longer now as I've started training already and getting rather excited about introducing this new service.

I had visions of Darth Vader and me attacking peoples crotches with a light sabre but it doesn't quite work like that ;-( nor if I sneeze or hiccup will I take out the side of the house along with your right testicle lol

The target area and one that I hope to specialise in will be genital hair removal. Backs, legs, arms, chests etc are pretty well covered out there by shitloads of business's but to specialise in the genital area of men isn't really being pushed. From experience with waxing generally men DON'T want hair on their balls or shaft, on thier chest is more of a fad or how they're feeling at the time, summer/winter etc ... but the balls ...... nah

A few other things are going on as well with the website which over the time to come will be updated too.

Products: The majority of these links will be severed as I am getting rid of the HAARD website. The products remaining will still be available from me directly, via ebay or email. I'm cleaning things up and concentrating on the waxing business and wrapping up the clothing .... it's all WAY to much work

Permanent Hair Reduction: Depilar System : I'm not providing this anymore as I found that the results were not consistent enough for me to be comfortable in recommending this to anyone. It worked really well on a few clients but in general the results weren't acceptable for my standards ! The majority of clients were having it on their genitals and the results weren't consistent as I said .... maybe on chests etc it would be different, arms, armpits etc but not on genitals. LASER is the way forward for me now.

Feedback: I'm trying to work out a better system for people to provide me with feedback. Whether it be in the form of a survey from this site or a link to a survey provided via text .... technology is changing so quickly and with a lot on my plate at the moment with the move to providing a LASER service for men in Melbourne it may be a little later in coming.

November !!! Already I'm getting bookings for January 2014 !

The same gripe I'm afraid, get your shit together and BOOK ! I don't mind if you have to cancel but at least get your appointment scheduled. Time is running out and to get an appointment convenient to us both will get harder as we get closer to Christmas.


Christmas / New Year 2013 ..... I will be CLOSED from 24th December to 2nd January and will NOT be accepting bookings from unknown clients after the first week in December. My regular clients have been looking after me all year and as usual some of them will be wanting last minute bookings so i'm keeping days as free as possible for those clients.

Well that's about it for now .... got to run and turn on the wax for the day ahead ! Be good out there, look after yourselves and each other ..... get out of the social networks and actually talk to someone face to face and give out those hugs !

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March 2013

I've finally got back on and in to the site to update just a few things, like the landing page ..... got rid of the Christmas cheer and replaced with Easter .... I think 5 months of Christmas is quite enough haha ..... Although having said that, I do have a client that didn't have to put up their Christmas tree as it was STILL up from the year before ... They've advised me the other day when making a booking that yes, the tree had finally been taken down.

The trade show is coming up in Melbourne next month which I'll be attending and'll be keeping an eye out for the IPL machines. IPL being the laser for permanent hair reduction. Every year there are of course new machines on the market that do everything except impregnate your wife, maybe this is the year ??? I'll be particularly interested in those machines that will work new amazing wonders for the hair on your nuts and shaft and possible give the option of a laser treatment rather than waxing .... I'll wait and see though.


Bookings are still steady and constant so it's still a good idea to get in ASAP, even better, book your next appointment before you leave. There is still the odd chance that you can get in with a few hours notice or a days notice, whatever, but as long as you know that the likelyhood isn't that strong it's ok.

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September 2012

I'm still going through the site and updating things as suggested from feedback that you guys and gals have sent in, so a big thankyou for your input, and as usual I'm always open for more, suggestions that is ;-) contact me


Xmas is NOT far away when you think of it in terms of your waxing regime ..... Bookings are full on at the moment and already i'm receiving December bookings.

Of late I'm getting booked out a week or two in advance, especially with evening appointments. TIP: If you know you'll need a wax in the next week or two then get your shit together and contact me to reserve a time.

It looks like the days of contacting me wanting a last minute appointment are over I'm afraid, but it doesn't hurt to still try, especially those of you that are travelling from overseas and are more flexible with times.

Xmas / New Year Hours

As I have done in the past, I'll be closed the major public holidays so GET IN EARLY as there are a shitload of public holidays around that time of the year ;-)

I'll be sending out Xmas reminder text messages on mass to you all at the end of September or begining of October so be warned.


I'm not doing very many massages these days, which doesn't mean that I've stopped altogether, but waxing currently keeps me maxed out with appointments. I know what it's like, when you feel like a massage you want it either now or within a few hours ... a day max. If i can squeeze you in I will but as a 60min massage in reality takes about 75-80 min, you know, by the time we say hello, find out how the family's going, what you've been up to and most important how you're feeling, it's quite a chunk of time and therefore harder for me to fit in between waxing appointments. Still try though !

Facebook ..... finally i'm wired ........ add me

Ok, so it's always been here it's just me that's finally arrived on it. ..... So, FINALLY I've set up a facebook page ..... it's a bit scary I must admit as now it seems that no-one can fart without the whole world knowing.

It's just a basic page, nothing flash and all very safe. It really is just a tool so that in some way or another I can interact with people from other places and any questions they may have ...... god, I don't know really, I'm a facebook virgin so we'll see how it eventuates and develops .... so don't be shy, add me, like me (that's LIKE not LICK)

FACEBOOK: Zaque Mens Bodyworks

FACEBOOK: Zaque Bodyworks

Well for now that's about it .... I've got to head off and deal with some 'arseholes' .... take care ya'all and see you soon ;-) x


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This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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