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In this day and age it seems that it's all about me, me and me ..... well, when you visit ME it will be all about YOU.

The Site - Females - Mission Statement

About me, .......... well not everything, but a little snippet as we all still like to think our lives are private.

First and foremost, I am a professional aesthetician and MALE which, in my field of work, isn't that common.

I'm also a remedial massage therapist and Reiki 2 practicioner and have a holistic approach to massaging. With regard to body hair removal I have found myself specialising in genital waxing, laser and or clipping due to the amount of work I do in that area.

I'm NOT god so I can't perform miracles and banish your hair to hell never to be re-born, just your standard, down to earth therapist and aesthetician. (The Halo above my head seems to be only visible to my mother and father for some reason) I'm lucky enough that my Dutch background has given me rather broad shoulders and it just so happens I'm a great listener as well, which I guess goes hand in hand when dealing with people on such a personal level.

I am a good man of good breeding, actually FANTASTIC breeding, and although I may be blonde I'm not stupid. You will find me honest, very down to earth, quiet, and rather shy at first.

I am a happy person when on my medication, strong yet gentle, I have a good heart, and an interested mind. I enjoy relaxing with, talking with, drinking with, listening to, and being mindful of my client as we escape into a relaxing world that must be very close to heaven. Unless you're getting your bits waxed and then you probably think you've entered hell and NO, I'm NOT the Devil ..... sort of.

Each appointment is unique, crafted by me and my client according to the client's own needs of the moment.

I'll take the time to listen to what you have to say making sure that you are comfortable and feel secure with the treatment that you are here to receive ..... and then I'll tell you what is so wrong about the styling you think looks fantastic but aesthetically looks crap hahaha

I have a very varied sense of humour which has people never sure if I am serious or not as you may have already noticed .... life ought not to be taken too serioulsy, the news is depressing enough and what I'm about to do on your body has to have some degree of a smirk, surely.

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This site

This site started out to be just a homepage for the various services I provide, however, as you can see, it has become much more than that. Over the last month I've been updating the site as I now offer Teeth Whitening and also Permanent Hair Reduction so you bloody well should appreciate the time, energy and effort I've put into it ! I've been crapping on for days/weeks now making this site fantastic so you better flippin' well get something out of it all !

The sites pages have been designed and written in very simple ‘street terminology’. I SAY IT AS I SEE IT, or experience it, and am as upfront with the various subjects as I can. Let's face it if it's a spade I'm going to call it a spade not a shovel not a hoe, a spade.

Hopefully this net address will be educational for you and that you enjoy reading with as much fun as I had doing it. My site is continually growing from the emails I receive from various people asking for so much more, thank you all for your enthusiastic emails , praise and the pictures you've sent in.

Some of you think that I do this type of work because I enjoy inflicting pain on people, well let me tell you ..... No! ..... I don’t wear a dark hood over my head and enjoy inflicting pain on other people by ripping out their short and curlies with the sinister look and sound of an insane medieval witch. (Dress me up in leather and you may have a different story hahaha)

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From the site you can probably work out that I cater predominantly to Male waxing as, when I first started waxing, there were only one or two of us guys out there doing it. and the female beauty therapists out there just didn't want to touch men's genital waxing, and still don't really. Heck, I don't even think they enjoy waxing other womens bits either.

Having said that I do have a large female clientele and it's continuing to grow. I AM a professional, and although operating from a private studio can make women think it may be dodgy they soon realise that I'm NOT a pervert and it IS a PROFESSIONAL service.

So if you are a woman and in doubt, feel free to call and chat with me and make that initial contact.

There was a point when I wasn't seeing females for 'Brazilian' clients but that has since changed as more and more male clients have begun sending their wives, partners or mistress's to see me. Being such a fastidious person with a moto of 'if there's hair I'll go there' at times I think I've turned into a Gynecologist and should be offering to cut and tie tubes while I'm down there. It can be uncomfortable for some women and I wouldn't want to put them in that position, then again, if you don't care I don't either and I'm fine with it. Trust me, I've seen it all before and I'm likely to be thinking about what movie I'm going to watch that night.

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Mission Statement, should you choose to accept it .............

Although I specialise in mens body waxing in Melbourne, The Body Barber is a service providing body grooming services for both men, women, trans gender, pre op, post op, hip hop and/or non gender specific people.

The Body Barber is a private, by appointment only, clinic located in Windsor, Melbourne. Clients enjoy a casual and relaxed atmosphere whilst receiving a professional service in a VERY PRIVATE and discrete environment.

I am fully trained in all aspects of Body Waxing, Massage, Reiki, Laser hair removal and goes without saying the emotional and physical care of my clients.

Laser Permanent Hair Reduction.

Beauty is no longer the exclusive preserve of women. Men have feel more comfortable looking after themselves these days and are taking a much greater pride in their appearance.. Facials, massages and waxing, men now enjoy all the elements of care. Having said that, I don't do facials, not the pampering type anyway.

I've recognised the increased demand for men's waxing and the need of making them feel more at ease than in a predominately female environment such as a beauty clinic with the mating calls of lonely whales as music, running water that'll ultimately make you piss your pants and a decor that's fit for a Barbie set. I guess it's the same as how women feel in a gym full of sweating men, grunting as their over developed chests heave under the pressure of the glistening iron dumbells in their tight cotton shorts ?? Or how we ALL feel uncomfortable watching womens tennis or should I say soft porn tennis. What the hell ???, someone tell those digusting grunting women to SHUT the F*#k UP ..... it's put me off women's tennis !

I have quite a few clients that are in film, television, football or in the public eye in general and when I mentioned to them that I was thinking of going into a shop front they expressed their concern saying they much preferred the privacy and discretion of my studio. One of the main reasons I guess why is simply because the far majority of men find the beauty salons too intimidating, the idea of walking into a salon full of women, sitting down to read beauty books while you are waiting to be called up to get you hairy back waxed or your arse hair free is just too embarrassing, and besides, they would rather be more discrete about their grooming habits.

UPDATE regarding home visits or out calls: Due to the variety of services that I offer I find myself busy to the point that home visits are no longer available .... unless you intend to make it worth my while $$$$$

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All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

0413 520 420

The Body Barber Melbourne, Australia



This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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