Waxing FAQ

  • Waxing FAQ
  • Do you wax women too?
  • Does it hurt? Will the hair stop growing?
  • What is Brazilian Waxing?
  • I have just clipped my hair, can I have a wax?
  • How long does my hair need to be for waxing to be most effective?
  • I'm worried about the pain. Shall I take Panadol before my appointment?
  • Does it hurt less the second time?
  • Ingrown hairs

Waxing FAQ

Do you wax women too?

Yes of course I do, I wax it all but at the end of the day and most importantly, it is the woman obviously that has to be comfortable with a male waxing them, be it their legs, arms, bikini line or their Brazilians.

I have female clients who are very comfortable coming in to see me; I have others that come to me for everything except for their vaginas. I AM a professional and take my role very seriously gaining the respect from all those that entrust me with being their technician.

A funny thing really .... after all these years of waxig males, it's the females that go out and spread the word amongst their friends or the great results that they've had. Word of mouth works regarding my female clients but you don't see men wondering around so pleased about their ball wax that they want to tell their mates ... nah mate, it's totally natural, just genetically blessed I guess ..... yeah right !

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Does it hurt?

Crikey what do you reckon uh! How good is your pain threshold? I have clients that nearly fall asleep during a wax and others that grit their teeth and cry murder and then there are those that look at me with a smile and a glint in their eye …….. but we won’t go there.

It hurts for that split couple of seconds after the initial ‘rip’ and then is over. I guess it’s a bit like getting spanked when you were naughty ... or still are.

Other factors such as whether you have flu or cold can make the experience more painful ... stay at home; I don't want your cold anyway. Taking anything that increases your sensitivity will also make it more uncomfortable, for obvious reasons. Air temperature, if your body is cold or you are feeling a chill that can also make it feel as though it is a more painful experience.

One thing that I truly believe though is that if you THINK it will hurt, IT WILL. The power of the mind is an amazing thing and once you accept how it feels and don't think about what is going on so much, it's not that bad, honest ! Guys have come in expecting it to be excruciatingly painful and they are so surprised that it didn't hurt nearly as much as they'd expected. When they come in the next time and have the attitude that 'it didn't hurt much at all' and their expectations are next to nothing, as soon as they feel the first strip coming off they go back thinking it hurts. It's a mind game really.

There's always the pub next door you can drop in to before your appointment.

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Will the hair stop growing?

No, but it will reduce. Again everyone is different, thanks to genetics, but some clients I have experience fewer and fewer hairs growing back to the degree it would be easier for me to pluck them out than to wax.

It seems that as we get older too, the body hair gives up the fight and stops growing, only to reappear from your nose or eyebrows and ears .... What is with that ??? Some of these older guys I no longer wax certain areas as the hair has just stopped regrowing.

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What is Brazilian Waxing?

Just as the name suggests, the term Brazilian originated from the women of Brazil and their love of looking very sexy in the skimpiest of bikinis. A Brazilian waxing has a small narrow section of hair left just above the vagina, or the penis.


The 'Hollywood' is the term referred to having ALL the hair removed and this term obviously came about from the ladies of L.A. taking the Brazilian that one step further.

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I have just clipped my hair, can I have a wax?

You know what happened to Samson when he cut his hair don’t you! Ideally for me, don’t clip your hair; if it needs it then I will do it before waxing at no extra charge.

Because hair grows at different rates on different parts of your body, sometimes you will find that you have more of the actual hair hidden in the follicle than what you do showing above the surface, this makes it very difficult to wax the hair out especially if you have coarse hair.

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How long does my hair need to be for waxing to be most effective?

In order for waxing to be most effective hair length should be 5mm but this can vary depending on the type of hair it is, sometimes I prefer to work with hair that is at least 10mm long to get the best results from the more coarse hairs.

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I'm worried about the pain. Shall I take Panadol before my appointment?

It’s up to you really. Some guys will take some serious pain killers so they tell me, a few will take some ‘enhancers’ and then there are those that just want to grit their teeth and be a real man. Until their face goes purple and they have to take another breath.

Taking a neurofen or aspirin 30 to 45 minutes before your appointment can have a significant difference for some people as other than being pain killers, they're also anti-inflamatory. If you have any other ideas or remedies please email me.

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Does it hurt less the second time?

Hell yes ! The more often you get it done the softer the hair becomes and the more used to the sensation your body becomes. Those that leave it 3 or 4 months between waxes can usually expect to feel like it is their first time again, especially when talking about your BBC!

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Ingrown Hairs

These things will piss you off no end and can be a result of shaving and waxing. In a nutshell ingrown hairs occur when a new hair grows into the skin rather than out of it. This could be due to having dry skin that is a little too tough or it grows horizontally under the skin, some guys usually from Mediterranean, Arab or African nationalities experience their hair curling in a tight ringlet just under the skin.

Sometimes these ingrown hairs result in red irritated bumps that can become infected and produce puss pimples.

To help avoid ingrown hairs try to use an exfoliating mitt or a body scrub when showering.

See the section about after care for more details

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