Body Grooming

A strand of hair is an outgrowth of dead cells and the protein keratin that grows up from the hair follicle. Each hair shaft grows about 6mm per month, depending on what stage of growth -- active or resting -- the hair is in. Genetics determine how many hair follicles we have since no new follicles are formed after birth. A woman's legs and arms, for example, contain an average of 13,500 hair follicles.

Though the products and techniques to remove hair have changed since 1915 when the first safety razor for women was designed, the desire for smooth, hairless skin has not. Shaving is an easy, inexpensive way to remove body hair and is especially effective on the legs and underarms. Although safety razors provide a close shave (outperforming electric shavers by far), the results are temporary: regrowth usually occurs within two to three days, if not the next day!


Shaving Tips


For the smoothest, closest shave, always use a new blade and a light touch, applying as little pressure as possible. Wet the skin thoroughly and apply a shaving gel or cream (soap is too drying) to keep the skin soft and moist.

Watch out for moles, pimples, scars and grazes that you may have, you don't want to be cutting the tops off those now do we! Again best times to shave is either in the shower or at the end of it, apply a shaving gel or cream and lather up, (soap will dry you out too much). Always shave in the opposite direction of your hair growth or against the grain for you tradesmen out there.

Places like your underarm, inner thighs and your back can have the hair growing in various directions, you will need to shave in several directions, with any difficult to get at areas you may require assistance from someone else.

If you have to redo an area make sure that you apply more gel, lotion or cream. When all is done, pat yourself dry rather than rubbing it to avoid further irritation and then apply a moisturiser or oil to finish off with, NO I repeat NO alcohol based product !!!!!!!

These techniques can be applied to almost all areas to shave.


Let your hair soak up as much water as possible it is far more easier to shave after a shower for example when the hair is wet and supple. Don’t on the other hand soak yourself for too long as your skin will begin to wrinkle and look like a prune making a close shave very hard to get.

Use a shaving gel or lotion, shaving products help you get a cleaner shave and if you are particularly sensitive there are products out there to aid in your degree of sensitivity. If doing your balls be very aware of using anything with alcohol in it – YEOUCH

Wait a while before using any deodorants or eau de toilettes, heaps of people use after shaves but with the amount of alcohol in them they can be very drying and apart from that can be extremely painful.

A trick that I use is to shave before going to bed that way I don’t have to worry in the morning with the pain, bleeding spots and the redness. Then again, I am not that hairy so I can get away with it whereas others I know have to shave twice a day – bugger that for a joke!


Starting at the ankle, shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth, drawing the razor up the leg.

Speedo & Anus

With the spare hand, pull the skin tight so you get a level surface, when or if you are doing your butt crack be extremely careful around the anus as the skin is very thin and chances of you nicking yourself is HIGH. Do it in front of a mirror or squat over a mirror, it's not the best look to see yourself in, just make sure that all doors and curtains are closed, for the neighbours sake.


If you shave when you are cold you’ll notice that your ball bag has become rather tight and extremely wrinkled. Not a good idea to go shaving them when they are so stressed at being so cold. Keep them warm, I'm sure you can think of a million ways of doing that, so that they're more relaxed and easier to get that close shave.

There is no real easy way when shaving your balls. Best done in the shower, stretch your balls as taut as you can when shaving, and remember NOT to apply too much pressure!

To shave your cock it is best done with it erect allowing the full extension of your ‘2nd brain’ to be handled and shaved smooth. Be VERY careful if applying creams or lotions to your cock and balls as some contain alcohol and we can all remember what it was like putting dads aftershave on our face after our first shave – yeeeeeouch !

If you need to shave a specific area twice, apply additional gel or cream. Rinse the skin and gently towel dry. Use oil or moisturizer to finish. (Some of you will spend more time rubbing the oils in than anything else ;-))

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Underarm Shaving

Though it sometimes means daily maintenance, shaving is the easiest way to remove underarm hair. The key is to get as close a shave as possible by using a shaving gel and raising your arms so the skin is taut (giving you more access to the hair). Because underarm hair grows in so many directions, it's best to shave up, down and side-to-side.

Though an electric razor doesn't give you as close a shave as a safety razor, the advantage is that you can completely avoid cuts. When using an electric razor make sure your skin is completely dry; unlike a safety razor, an electric razor doesn't adapt well to wet skin and you won't get a close shave. If you're prone to razor burn, try an electric razor with disposable double-edged blades.

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Depilatory Creams

A lot of guys are too embarrassed about going into a beauty therapy place with lots of ‘pretty’ girls all sitting around, must admit it is the ultimate in female domains. Watching television you have seen all these info-mercials about various types of creams that you rub on and wipe off and boy doesn’t that guy remove his Neanderthal arm hairs so easily!  Off to the chemist or the 0055 phone you go to get some.

These creams are easy to apply and effective in the short run. The scary thing is that the chemicals that you are putting on your skin ‘burning’ off the hair can also burn off your skin. You guys with sensitive skin may not cope with them, always test areas to make sure and remembering that the small area you use to test may not reflect the whole body when you get carried away and apply the cream to it.

What the creams actually do is to dissolve the keratin that makes up the hair. When this happens sometimes the chemical mix and the hair can give off a sulphur like smell that makes aware if what sitting around a cooking pot with cannibals would be like. (It will go away when you rinse off don’t worry)

Always read the instructions for god’s sake.

Apply a warm facecloth to the area; to soften the hair and allow the hair follicle to be more readily absorbent to the depilatory cream. Take note of the recommended time to leave it on your skin and don’t go past it. When it is time to ‘wipe’ it off, use a cloth rather than just rinsing it off because the pressure and grip from the cloth may remove more of the hair. Results from this vary from person to person; I would be very interested in getting feedback on your experience with this so if you have used email me and let me know.

If your skin should break out wash the area with an anti-bacterial solution and apply an antibiotic or cortisone cream to reduce the inflammation. Don’t be stupid and apply the cream over cuts, scratches or other wounds and unless you are completely nutters and into your balls burning as if you sat them into molten rock, don’t apply it to those either.

  • Experience 001:
    • A client of mine tried using one of the most popoular creams on the market and when I saw them later on they were covered inblistery type sores that looked like he'd been tortured with hundreds of cigarette burns all over his body. It took months for his body to heal and recover, his doctor alerted the company which made the popular product and they all got together with him to view his reaction. They apologised for how he'd reacted and in compensation offered him more of the product ...... like he was going to go through that again NOT!
  • Experience 002:
    • A client used a depilatory cream on his balls and left it on too long, needless to say he was out of action for quite a few days and I don't think to this day he has tried using creams again.

Tell me of your own experiences with these products.

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Why Get a Brazilian Bikini Wax?

Why would you get a Brazilian wax ..... well here's just a thought, would you rather look like this ....

or would you rather a more tidy and appealing ... you must agree it does look a LOT better !
Scary stuff ! Human velcro ? Neat, trim and attractive

Now .... can you see why people get Brazilians ?

A Brazilian bikini wax removes the hair from the pubic region, many women request a Brazilian because it gives a clean, close wax and the freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie.

Expect to be waxed to the max if you visit a salon for a Brazilian treatment. I provide you with a disposable G-string or you can wear one of your own, it's your choice and if you're comfortable with nudity, then that's ok too. A traditional Brazilian includes the labia and the area that reaches into the buttocks leaving a landing strip as in the picture above. If there are stray hairs after waxing, I will also tweeze the area.

The key to allowing wax to penetrate into the follicles (and provide the closest possible wax) is to relax. And many people claim the treatment is not nearly as painful as it sounds.

Isn't hair in the pubic area there for a reason? Doctors say that though humans once needed protection against the elements, there's no real clinical need for pubic hair in this day and age - clothing certainly provides ample protection and warmth. Some even claim it's more hygienic to have the hair removed so it doesn't absorb sweat.

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Speedo Area Hair Removal

Waxing and sugaring are the best ways to remove hair from the bikini area. Though temporary, these methods give a clean, smooth surface and the longest-lasting results (so less maintenance is required). Hair grows back finer because waxing pulls the hair out below the surface of the skin. Plus, waxing does not irritate the skin and nerve endings as shaving and depilatories do, so red bumps and irritations are kept to a minimum.

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Healing Red Bumps

Unsightly red shaving bumps often occur in sensitive areas, the bikini, chest and lower back area. This happens because there are lots of oil glands there that are attached to nerve endings, which are easily irritated. To avoid shaving bumps, try dissolving two aspirins (aspirin acts as an anti-inflammatory) and a drop of glycerine in ¼ cup distilled water in a small, clean bottle; apply the mixture after removing hair. Using an antiseptic cream to calm the skin after shaving also can be helpful.

check out what I have to offer in products to treat red bump syndrome

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Ingrown Hairs

These things will piss you off no end and some people I have noticed, suffer from ingrown hairs more so than others.


Every time you remove hair from your body, no matter what method (waxing, electrolysis, depilatory creams, shaving, etc.) chances are you will get ingrown hairs. The problem starts when hair is removed below the skin surface. When these hairs begin to re-grow, they can curl up inside the hair follicle. The hair doubles over itself, making it impossible for it to exit the surface. As the hair continues to grow inside the follicle it creates a foreign body reaction. This causes inflammation and a red bump emerges on the surface of the skin.

Guys may find them around their waist where their belts sit, or their backs, chest or legs, this could be due to having dry skin that is a little too tough or it grows horizontally under the skin, some guys usually from Mediterranean, Arab or African nationalities experience their hair curling in a tight ringlet just under the skin. Sometimes these ingrown hairs result in red irritated bumps that can become infected and produce puss pimples. To help avoid ingrown hairs try to use an exfoliating mitt or a body scrub when showering.

check out what I have to offer in products to treat ingrown hairs

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Organic Wax

If your skin is sensitive or if you are prone to breakouts or allergic reactions, all-natural wax can help reduce skin irritation and unsightly red bumps and itching. Wax containing aloe (usually tinted blue) also helps head off discomfort.

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Is Sugaring for Me?

Sugaring is an ancient hair-removal practice that's gaining popularity today because the effects are similar to waxing, but the sugar is only slightly warmed (never reaching the same high temperature as wax), causing less skin irritation. And the sugar tends to stick only to the hairs, not to the skin, causing less discomfort. The process is the same as waxing: Warm sugar is applied to the skin, and then removed with muslin strips. It takes a certain skill -- nimble fingers -- to perform this procedure, and some say sugaring is not as effective as waxing in the end and can take hours to lick off any excess ….. hmmm now there is a new task for your partner?

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Laser Hair Removal

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or in more simple terms for you big gym enthusiasts it's called 'LASER', simply is a contraption that produces a beam of light, a bit light Darth Vader’s giant wand thingy. The hair absorbs the light and is destroyed. (if you’re an evangelist then next time you ‘see the light’ be very afraid!)

Laser light is attracted to dark colours so those people with light skin and dark hair will often see the best results. Darker or tanned skin absorbs some of the laser light, which can cause burning. So you guys out there with beautifully tanned skin will have to use a lower level light but as a result it is less effective in removing the hair.

If you have very blonde hair or white/grey hair then forget it as it’s NOT very effective for you.

For an alternative remedy for permanent hair reduction that works on blonde, grey, red or lighter hair in general see my alternative solution here .... It permanently reduces hair whether light OR dark.

Technology, though, is changing so rapidly these days that you should really get out there and do some SERIOUS investigating before committing yourself to a very expensive treatment session. I've had clients that have paid $700 just to get their arms done and not see much of a result after 5 treatments.

I'd appreciate you telling me of your own experiences with these products so that I can include them here.


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Tell me of your own experiences with these products.

When and How to Tweeze

Tweezing, or plucking, is a way to temporarily remove individual hairs by pulling each strand out by the root; however, this technique is useful only on small areas like the eyebrows. Tweezing does not make hair grow back thicker, but it can irritate the hair follicle, which is why it's important to choose a high-quality pair of stainless-steel tweezers. Be sure the prongs meet perfectly at the tips and are smooth and polished; they should also have a light spring when pressed together. The shape of the tweezers is up to you, but for brows, a slanted point is most effective (square varieties are better for finer hairs).

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Monobrows and their management


The good ol’ monobrow. There could be nothing worse for someone with a huge caterpillar from one side of their face to the other side of it above their eyes than someone that has had them shaped to perfection to make even Cindy Crawford jealous! Make sure that your first visit is to a professional please, you may find yourself being the centre of laughs should you not. A professional can wax or tweeze your caterpillar and give it a good shape and then when you are used to it you can maintain it at home with some tweezers.


I can’t stress the importance of the shaping of your brows as they have the ability to completely change the expression of your face. You don’t want to look like you have won tattslotto or that you have stepped in dog shit and look like that for 2 weeks now do you! The shape is up to you but make it as natural as possible, too far in from the inner edge of your eyebrow will make your eyes look smaller and too much from the bottom will make you look forever surprised (tattslotto look). Generally the beginning of the brow should align to the centre of your nostril. If plucking, only pluck one hair at a time and go slowly and don’t do it after you have drunk a bottle of Jack Daniels to get the courage (if you do, then call me ‘cos I want to laugh too).

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Electrolysis is said to be the only truly permanent method of hair removal, whether that is true or not I guess is up to personal experience.

A tiny needle is inserted into each hair follicle and zaps the hair down to the root with a short impulse of energy. Then each hair is tweezed out individually. Though hair can be removed with the first treatment if performed correctly, it's difficult to accomplish. Even if the procedure is performed with exactitude, there are other factors involved. If you've waxed or tweezed recently, the hair follicle tends to be distorted and the current can't get directly to the root. Due to the varying rate of hair growth, those in the resting phase can't be treated and new hairs sometimes grow within the same week of treatment. A series of treatments is almost always required to treat one area, but once they're zapped, they're gone for good.

Keep in mind that every seven years or so the body undergoes changes that can affect hair growth. (Having a baby, developing a serious illness or being treated with certain medications can also make new hairs appear after being treated with electrolysis.)

A well-trained, qualified electrologist can reduce or increase the electric current, depending on your skin type, your pain threshold, and whether or not your skin scabs or discolours easily. Though there are many home electrolysis kits, this procedure should be performed by a professional. To find a certified electrologist, consult your dermatologist or ask the American Electrology Association for a board-certified electrologist in your area.

See the permanent hair removal system that I'm doing .... without the use of lasers

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Pubic Shaping.


It is very easy for a guy’s genital area to get wild and unruly. As we get older the length of our hair in those areas begin to grow, alas, just like the ears, nose and eyebrow hairs.  We’re not just talking about the immediate genitals here but the whole area basically from above your knees to your navel with more emphasis in the area covered by your jocks. Having neatly groomed genitals can give that special person looking at it a reaction varying between excited interest, or wide eyed and drop jaw distress and suffer anxiety attack symptoms.


Imagine this, you are in the process of slowly pulling down your jocks or boxers and the person watching you is anticipating with their imagination what is to be revealed. What they get in reality is hairy legs that don’t stop at the jocks but keep going all the way up your butt and to the small of your back. At the front it is the same, leg hair has merged with pubic hair, which had already merged with the bushy genital hair. Having it clipped, trimmed and/or waxed can give you definition; shape and a general clean up for that area. If you take care of the way your lower section looks then that is the impression that will be projected to others and you will find them only to happy to give you oral.

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