2018 Waxing Price List

I'm seriously amazed at how many people will call me and ask "how much does it cost to get waxed?" Are you trying to be secretive about it ? Is this 20 questions and I'm meant to guess what it is you are wanting to get waxed ? Oh I get it ..... I'm a mind reader !!!!!

This is SO frustrating, especially after the you're the 3rd person for the day to have asked the same thing ... I know, I know .... customer service .... hugs all 'round, happy thoughts etc etc ..... How about you start by asking "I'm thinking about getting my ...... waxed/clipped/tidied up, can you give me an idea of how much it may cost please?"

These are current prices and are shown here as a guide ONLY. My prices WILL vary depending on what you are having done and how different things we are doing at the time. For example most salons will go through the checklist and you will pay for every item individually where as I'll bundle the whole lot and do you a deal so that at the end of the day it makes it more affordable to maintain and get your waxing done on a regular basis. I've had clients go elsewhere when I couldn't fit them in and they've paid up to $70 more for their treatment than what I'd been charging them, at the end of the day though it is YOUR choice because it's YOUR money.

Oh ....... and YES I now see female clients. Quite a few of my male clients have suggested their wives come in to get their waxing done, they'll come together as a double booking which is fine. For a double booking though I will need to know so that I allow enough time but as soon as their wives feel comfortable and realise I'm not a crazy pervert they then come in on their own. Trying to persuade thier girlfriends to come in after they've experienced such a great result is a bit of a hard one for them though.


This is a premium service guys ..... Unless you're running late because either you haven't got your shit together, or Melbourne's traffic is bottle-necked yet again, I DON'T rush. How long your appointment takes will depend on a few things :

  • How much listening I have to do because you have a few issues and need to get them off your chest.
  • How much of a sook you are .... needing to practice your wifes birth breathing exercises whilst getting waxed can add time.
  • Your first ever appointment with me will need extra time for the initial consultation, Q and A's and generally getting you relaxed for the category 9 storm to follow.
  • I AM a perfectionist and stress out about hair that isn't working as it ought, I'll be going over with a fine tooth comb .... this can add time .... if you rather I didn't then let me know so we both can move on and continue with getting a life.
  • Tell me BEFORE we start if you're someone that doesn't care to much about quality of work, either go elsewhere to the hundreds of places available in Melbourne or let me know so that I don't waste my time doing a great job that won't be appreciated.


These prices include any body grooming that is required for a more 'natural' look !

Starting at the top of your head and working down ......


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These prices WILL vary and are subject to my mood and temperament at the time .... so be nice !
Head Head prices are in conjunction with other work - Unfortunately I'm NOT going to heat up the studio and wax pots JUST to do your nose ....
  Monobrow 0 - 10.00
  Nostrils 0 - 10.00
  Nose 0 - 10.00
  Earlobes & holes 0 - 10.00
  Mono, Nose & Ears 0 - 20.00
  Cheeks - female 0 - 10.00
  Cheeks - above the beardline 0 - 10.00
  Upper lip 0 - 10.00
  Chin - female 0 - 10.00
  Neck - female 0 - 20.00
  Full face - female 0 - 20.00
  Full face - male (not beard) 0 - 20.00
  Beards (you CAN'T be serious !) see note below
Arms Yes of course..... these prices are include BOTH arms
  Full Arm incl' hands/fingers 30 - 55.00
  Upper Arm 15 - 25.00
  Forearm 15 - 28.00
  Hands 10 - 15.00
  Armpits 10 - 20.00
Chest (torso)    
  Chest and Stomach 30 - 50.00
  Chest, Stomach & Shoulders 40 - 70.00
  Chest ONLY ( Pecs ) 25 - 35.00
  Abdominals ONLY ( 6 pack or Keg ) 15 - 30.00


  Full Back incl' Shoulders, Upper Arms + Neck 50 - 80.00
  Upper Back + Shoulders + Upper Arms 40 - 65.00
  Upper Back 1/2 20 - 35.00
  Lower Back 1/2 0 - 20.00
  Small of Back 0 - 20.00
  Deltoids 20 - 30.00
  Full Shoulders - Deltoids + Buffalo pad 20 - 35.00
Legs *    
  Full Legs ( excluding feet ) 30 - 65.00
  Full Legs ( incl' feet + speedo ) 30 - 75.00
  Inner Thighs (KFC ones yum) 15 - 25.00
  Upper 1/2 ( thighs + quads ) 25 - 50.00
  Lower 1/2 ( shins and calves (farmer's special)) 20 - 35.00
  3/4 Leg 35 - 50.00
  Feet (yumcha) 0 - 20.00
Bum ** keep it clean !
  Cheeks 25 - 40.00
  Crack, Anus +Perineum) 20 - 100.00
  Full Bum, Butt, Booty, Arse, Butt .... whatever 20 - 50.00
  Speedo or Bikini Line ( if you admit to wearing a bikini ?) 10 - 15.00
  Pubic Hair ( groomed or removed), or could almost be called 'public hair with the amount of you guys flashing on the internet these days ;-) 15 - 30.00
  Scrotum ( Balls for you roughians) 25 - 40.00
  Shaft + Foreskin (prices are not per meter, come on, really!) 15 - 25.00
  BSP ( balls, shaft + perineum ) 30 - 60.00
  Brazilian (Females only) - pubic strip remains 50.00
Hollywood (Females only) - ALL pubic hair removed 60.00
  If you identify as male, PLEASE don't ask for a Brazilian/Manzilian or Boyzilian, XXX, XXXX or 'down below' ....it tells me NOTHING
  BBS = ( bum, anus, balls, shaft + incl's perineum ) 70 - 85.00
  BBS Works = ( BBS + all pubic hair ) 85 - 100.00
Full Body ( note: up to 3.5hrs and a deposit IS required )  
  Everything - Excluding BBS works 170 - 195.00
  Everything - Excluding BS works 190 - 230.00
  Everything - Including BBS works 250 - 280.00
*** SMS Zaque to make a booking 0413 520 420
*** Text message protocol - be warned

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Booking Procedure - Cancellation / NoShow Policy

All work is carried out in a professional manner and I expect you to behave in one too ! I understand you may not be in control of your second brain but remember, ..... I'm the one with the HOT wax.

These prices vary because I'm NOT here to rip people off, just their hair, for example, I'm hardly going to charge you if at the end of a full back wax you ask for your ears to be done.

Note: regarding facial hair on men, I'm EXTREMELY reluctant to do a beard wax on a guy and as yet no-one has ever asked me to either. I can't imagine how painful it would be but having said that, some races, for example Asian, the guys have very little facial hair and I don't have a problem with waxing those. Any beard waxing would only be considered after a consultation visit ONLY.

* Are you stupid, of coarse the price applies to both legs what, you want to do just one ??? Having said that, if you do have only one leg then these prices will reduce to reflect that and likewise, if you have a third leg, then they'll incresase.

** I will charge extra if you haven't cleaned properly and I have to play proctologist and hose out your arse before waxing it .... Before coming to me and pulling your arse cheeks apart make sure you're clean and there's no sesame seeds or other remnants of your lunch lurking around. Being a la naturale and not using deodorants or scents may be ok during rutting season but on a hot summers day of 42 degrees is NOT something I want to have to air out the studio for !

*** Nothing pisses me off more than someone texting me "how much for a wax ?" or "I'd like to book in for a wax" as it tells me absolutely nothing other than you're a nuff nuff and due to your love affair with technology and are in the process of losing the art of conversation. Something more like "Hi Zaque, this is Bob, I'd like to get my back and BBC waxed. I'm available Mon-Fri after 6pm or weekends at 3pm, cheers" is much more appreciated. It tells me :

  • What you want done : either wax, clip, massage, laser or a combo of either
  • When you want it done : a specific day or days that you're free
  • What time you are available : so I know when you're around .... also, I understand that you may have a weekend and don't want to give up your precious time but due to my workload and that I can get booked out 1 - 2 weeks in advance these days, you may just have to give up your afternoon in church, think of it as your own little sacrifice.


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All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

0413 520 420

The Body Barber Melbourne, Australia



This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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