LASER Treatment Care


  • Hair removal management prior to a treatment i.e. your waxing regime.
    • No waxing, threading, plucking, pulling, twisting, epilation, or should I just say no hair removal by the root via any other hair removal method for at least 5 weeks before your first treatment and definitely NON during your treatments ! Hair grows in cycles and needs to be connected to the root for the laser to effectively target the papilla and destroy it, 5 – 6 weeks is I’d say ideal but if you don’t mind that your treatments could be extended by a couple of sessions and therefore cost a significant amount more to your bank balance, I’d be doing the waiting.


  • Shaving prior to treatment
    • After you have had your consultation, started treating your chosen area and your practioner has told you to shave before your treatment, do the shaving 1 – 2 days prior your treatment date. Laser energy is targeted towards the hair follicle and is absorbed by the melanin of the hair; there’s no point in wasting the laser energy on the hair that’s above the surface of the skin PLUS, treating the hair that’s above the surface can result in burning of the skin by singing hairs ….. friggin’ YOUCH !
    • Shaving may be done by your practioner but you’ll be paying for it simply because it can take quite some time and time is money. If it’s just your foot it’s no biggy but if doing your legs …. Oh my god mate THAT takes forever and there’re other people waiting to get treated and probably cost you an extra $50



  • Erythema and oedema
    • Immediately after your treatment there’ll be redness (erythema) and swelling (oedema) of the follicles which could last up to 2 hours or longer. The treated area will have a warmth to it similar to when you get sunburnt and you’ll probably feel like that for a few hours. Keep the area clean, dry and apply your aloe vera. (Oedema of the follicle will look a lot like a mossie bite)
  • Apply aloe or ice packs
    • Applying aloe vera gel on the area immediately after your treatment can help soothe the skin and if it still feels hot after a few hours pop on a cold flannel or grab that bag of peas out of the freezer, wrap it up in a towel and rest that on the treated area. Never put anything out of the freezer directly on to your skin, you’ve seen that movie dumb and dumber where he gets his tongue stuck to the ski lift ?
  • Shedding
    • Up to 3 weeks after, and some clients have experienced this within the first week, the hair should be shedding. You’ll probably thing that the hair is growing as that’s what it looks like, but it’s actually coming out in what we call ‘shedding’. You can help speed up this process by gently scrubbing in the shower or using an exfoliating mit GENTLY in LIGHT circular motions.
    • If you see some small black dots you’ll probably think they’re tiny blackheads and be scared your girlfriend will see them and come at you with those nails of hers to squeeze them all ….. not to fear, they what the industry calls ‘pepperspots’. They’re just caramelised follicles or the remnants of the hair that didn’t shed out, again exfoliating or scrubbing may help else they’ll be there when you next get treated and will be zapped again.
  • Sun screen
    • Avoid sun exposure to the area for as long as possible, avoiding it totally if you can and always wear a SPF 30+ on the treated area for 48 hours after your treatment.
  • Products
    • Be mindful of what you’re putting on the area that you’ve had treated. Chemical based products could cause a bad reaction for example some deodorants applied under your arm may cause unnecessary discomfort to your armpit.
    • No make-up or tanning products.
    • No Vitamin A or glycolic products for 2 days either side of any treatment.
  • Avoid
    • Avoid picking and scratching the treated area
    • Avoid exfoliating and or microdermabrasion for at least 10 days after a treatment
  • Do NOT
    • Do NOT recommence your old hair removal routine, no waxing etc.
    • Do NOT undertake any activity that generates heat for a couple of days, 48hrs at least.
      • No marathons
      • No excessive heat generated from workouts at the gym or running track
      • Avoid steam baths and saunas definitely
      • Avoid swimming in strong chlorinated water
      • No hot showers.
    • Do Not wear tights for 24 hours
    • Do not exfoliate for 24 hours
    • Do not apply any heat or friction to the skin whatsoever
      • Do not have aggressive sex
    • Do not apply talc powder
    • Do not get the area massaged for at least 24 hours
  • Do
    • Do apply antiseptic dream to treated areas 3 times in the 24 hours if you suffer with ingrowing hairs.
    • Do bathe in a cold salt water solution regularly in the hours following treatment, this reduces inflammation and speeds up the healing process IF your skin feels hot after the treatment.
      • (½ teaspoon of salt to one cup of boiling water and chill)

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