Anal Bleaching

It's known by a variety of terms, 'anus', 'ring' or just plain old 'areshole', I call a spade a spade as I guess you have noticed from my website ..... so lets get this topic on the frog and toad

I had an enquiry asking if I did Anal Bleaching, now, I get a lot of odd questions and requests so this one only got one of my eyebrows raised.

Being someone that stares at arseholes every day ..... literally, there are quite a few out there that I'd now suggest the process to. Anal Bleaching or lightening, has been getting some attention of late, having been noted in shows on TV and in the latest movie 'Bruno' and it seems that heaps of people have been using it for ages now. It's VERY popular with strippers, pole dancers, bodybuilders, actors and actresses, celebrities and your more than likely that quiet, demure but kinky next door neighbour.

Either way, those of you that have high hopes to wear butt floss as swimwear / underwear or do pole dancing seem to feel a lighter 'ring' will improve your image.


Update Jan, 2018

Sorry everyone but I no longer retail this product .... the one that I retailed is called 'South Beach Skin Lightening Gel' and is available online at many outlets but DO be careful as prices vary online I've noticed from the low $80 to a discounted $118 ... same product, same tube just do your due diligence with shopping around for the best prices !

now back to the blurb for those still interested in the topic ......

Questions anyone ?


Here's the marketing pitch .....


"Do you suffer from dark or discoloured intimate areas? Many men and women do! ... Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas is the ultimate in gentle, natural lightening for the skin or the anal, vaginal, genital, nipple, underarm, face and other sensitive areas. It does not contain any harsh chemicals like Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid that can irritate or cause side effects. So gentle you can use after waxing and in the comfort of your own home!"

  • All-Natural
  • Hype-Allergenic & Non-Comedogenic
  • Gentle & Non Irritating
  • 2 Ounces Compared with Others at 1 Ounce!
  • No Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid
  • No Alcohol
  • No Fragrances or Dyes
  • No Parabens
  • No Sticky or Oily Residue
  • No Animal Testing
  • Absorbs Quickly & Dries Completely Clean
  • For ALL skin types

perfect for use on

  • Men & women
  • All skin types
  • Anal and genital area
  • Underarms
  • Breast, nipple
  • Faces and hands
  • Age spot
  • Other skin discolouration

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But what exactly IS anal bleaching ?

Well for those of you like myself that have been living under a rock up until now, Anal bleaching (or lightening) is the process of using an anal bleach cream to lighten the darker areas around your anus resulting from a number of biological factors. This bleach cream can be used on the anal and vaginal areas resulting in a more even skin tone on lighter skin types.

The first thing you need to know about anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching is that it is safe and it works! Anal bleaching is a growing trend that seems to be getting more and more popular as the days pass. The first to use these products were adult movie stars, dancers, and models with darker pigmentation in the anal and vaginal region.



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So what causes your arsehole's discolouration in the first place then ?

Sorry, anus is just so polite and politically correct and I'm a country guy ... and here in Australia we call it arsehole.

Like everything there are contentious issues with those that want to promote it as a cosmetic treatment or those that use the health and hygiene approach, and then there are the hard core Christians that have god and he's natural beauty 'accept what you're born with attitude'.

On the health side it seems thatsome say that over time it's due to staining from the bilirubin content in your poo. (Why does coffee always get a bum steer ?) So closely connected to monkeys are we that some people aren't that good at wiping their arse and smear the 'you-know-what' instead of completely wiping it away. (considering I wax peoples arses I unfortunately can agree to that fact). After years and years of bad eating habits and wiping techniques the skin around the anus becomes darker.

Junk food in, dark poo out .... It all starts with food and drink. The dyes in processed foods and soft drinks will carry as far in your system as the liquid carriers allow. When someone says a coke or coffee went right through me, that is the literally what has happened. On the way out the artificial colours, food dyes, and darker red meats leave microscopic color particles that, over a period of years through continually passing over the anal tissue, recolour your natural anus to an unnatural hue. Short of your arse glowing an eventual bright green, if your face looked like your arse, you'd get it rectified quick smart, wouldn't you? And that's because EVERYONE would see.

"Look at me Kimmy, look at me, look at me" On the Body Beautiful side of things the main reason for the colour of your ring has to be genetic. Don't get me wrong now, I'm not suggesting that you ask your Mum and Dad to bend over and 'brown-eye' you so you can see how dark your ring is going to be by the time you get to their age.

Discoloration of the anal and vaginal areas can be caused by aging, hormonal changes from pregnancy and more.


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Why get it done?

It is VERY important that those special areas of your precious body, to be viewed, cherished, and photographed (and videoed) by you and your loved one(s), are as sparkling and attractive as your face. If the damage to your arse is already done, your best simple and low-cost option is anal bleaching.

Welcome to the stage 'Anal Bleaching' ..... to get that look back to your teenage years. Using baby wipes is also a good way of making sure everything is clean, especially if you have started bleaching your arse. Aldi supermarkets have great wipes and are better priced ..... YAH ALDI ROCKS ! but be mindful whether or not they are flushable.





Now a question from ME comes to mind .... If your are dark skinned ........ would you bleach your arse, and if so, just exactly how light would you want to go ? A human torch ?????



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Take care of your arsehole

(And I don't mean your ex-partner)

Keep it clean at all times ! No matter how hard you rub you cannot get rid of the damage and discolouration caused by years of eating shit food and junk loaded to the hilt with preservatives, food dyes and additives.

I doubt anyone has ever revisited your bum wiping techniques since you were taught as a young child ... unless you're into kinky games and we won't go back to those games that monkeys play.

Everyone either wipes up and down and/or across and in reality you're smearing your poo around your ring. Over the years what happens is your ring gets discoloured and stained. Good god, I can't believe we're actually talking about this crap.

Using baby wipes as part of your 'after-crap-care' will help you to keep your arse looking in tip-top shape and also reduce the staining process as ideally you would open wide, grab a hold of the entire 'waste matter' and pull it out and away from your bum to avoid any smearing .... but that's impossible .... I HOPE !!

After note: be sure to use the appropriate wipe that is flushable, the others aren't deemed as being flushable maybe due to the size of the sheet but they are easily ripped into quaters if you aren't concerned about the health of your pipes. The flushable ones are priced at a higher point than the non flushable ones so maybe quatering them up is the way to go ?


Can I come in for a private consultation first ?

Updated Jan 2018 .....

I'm afraid I see enough aresholes on my Melbourne clinic's table and out on the street in general these days ..... as I no longer sell the product it is not neccessary for you to come in unless you would instead like to enquire about laser hair removal for your butt.

I do have a contact number of someone here in Melbourne that does bleaching by laser ... I'm unsure of how effective it is and like a lot of things, results will vary for the individual.

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