There are various products that I use both on my clients and also those that I suggest they may like to use, these products I've found to be EXCELLENT otherwise I wouldn't have wasted two weeks with getting these images and pages organised to include on my site.

The product list is quite varied and reflects what a lot of clients have made enquires about for their own personal use or for solutions to help them maintain themselves after having had a treatment.

Again, these creams, lotions, potions and clothing are GOOD and the feedback that I've been getting back from my clients and customers has been very supportive and very encouraging. I've done my best to include a comment on what the general thoughts are about the individual product and I also encourage you to email me and let me know what your thoughts are too !!!!!

Again my email is 2zaque@(the name of this site) which is 'bodywaxingandmassage' dot com

( Sorry, am trying to avoid the thousands of spam emails that I get everyday so I hope you can decipher that address ).


All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

0413 520 420

The Body Barber Melbourne, Australia



This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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