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To help you experience the most amazing, fantastic bodywork that is legendary the world over, well, ........ I have had clients drop in from Canada, USA, England, Spain, China, Indonesia, Germany .... not that I'm blowing my own horn mind you. Here are a couple of ways that may or may not coax you into trying one of my services for the first time.

Simply click on the 'select here' and a separate window will pop up allowing you to print off the voucher that you can bring in when you make an appointment.


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Introductory massage voucher - select here

The Introductory offer for a first-time massage visitor is only $65.00 when usually it is $80.00. For regular clients it's $70 per hour and quite often it goes longer than the normal 60 minutes, why then do I charge more for the first session you may well ask? Well, I do this because I want to discourage time wasters and weed out the people that are not that serious about their massages, generally people that are looking for 'happy endings' or those that insist on waving their bums in the air. Next time someone starts waving their bum in the air I'll go and get my cross country mountain bike and use their bum for a parking bay! For those clients that become regular, the hourly price drops.


Introductory waxing voucher - select here

This discount voucher is again offered to encourage you to try out the whole waxing experience and see for yourself whether it is for you or not. This voucher is only valid when the total cost of your wax treatment is equal to or more than $50 ..... I'm hardly going to give you a $10 discount on a $5 treatment now am I, I'd be owing everyone $5 and be out living on the street in no time. Spend $50 and only pay $40


Introductory clip voucher - select here

Like all the other vouchers, this clipping voucher is also offered to encourage you guys to see what a difference a professional clip can look like.

It's easy enough to run the clippers over yourself and get a result that looks rather shabby, various lengths of hair, patches all over the place and then there are those hard to reach areas that unless you are a contortionist in Cirque du Soleil you just aren't going to get to.

With a professional clip by myself you can expect that I'll give you an honest opinion of what you should do and maybe what you shouldn't do and also take into consideration the overall look that you want and work together to achieve that look, PLUS you don't have the hassle of having to do it yourself. Most guys drop in on their way to work, heading out or when just in the area for a touch up that only takes 5 or 10 minutes.

What have you go to lose other than a few thousand fluffy hairs ?

Note: the free 'de-fluff' is not available for full body clips.

All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

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The Body Barber Melbourne, Australia



This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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