Testimonials reviews and other forms of feedback are so dodgy these days as one never knows how 'real' they are. Look at 'reality TV' .... seriously, so anti social and full of shit, don't get me started lol

It's quite easy to get a whole heap of mates to log in to a site and praise the living shit out of the service or item just to make it or them sound incredible .... these comments below are from texts that clients have sent, they're real and I'm very much appreciative that they have gone to the trouble to pass a comment as so many don't. The value that you put on feedback is up to you and for you to decide.

What the boys and girls have to say about…..


Please feel free to email me at bodywaxingandmassage.com and let me know of your experience .... it's good to know what you think and also helps others to realise the benefits of my services.




I used to have a guest book but OMG the amount of spam that clogged up the servers has forced me to close it down. For a trial period I've set up a Forum so that you can read and post comments, upload pics ... whatever ... you can do this here .... oops! no you can't am so not sure how that forum thing works as it totally stuffed up :-(






Hi there :)

I just stumbled over your page. Googled 'anus bleaching' of all things and landed on your dorstep. So now I know what that is - thanks ;)

Since I had so much fun reading your explanation, I just kept on clicking around on your page.

Just had to tell you how much I like your fun and easy style. Who would have thought that a page about hair removal and co could crack me up like that. I still have a big fat grin on my face.

So thank you for lighting up my day. Not your intention, but still your doing :)

If your writing reflects on how you are in real life then I'm really sad that I won't have the chance to meet you and find out for myself.

Enjoy your day :)

Sabine (Germany)




Hi Zaque,

I wanted to give some feedback for your website for anyone unsure if they should come by for a waxing.

If anyone is at all hesitating on whether or not they should come by for a wax, just do it!

I had been going to a men-only salon for waxing in the past and was never really happy with the results. It was 15 minutes of careless service, hurt like hell and when I got home I would find patches of hair she missed.

Zaque took a little longer but was very attentive to what I wanted (and not what he thought I should want), was a perfectionist and did such a great job that it didn't hurt nearly as much. There were also no strays and I left happier than I ever have with a wax ! Plus it wasn't even as expensive as the poor wax jobs I got in the past.

Highly recommend Zaque !

Thanks again !







Hi Zaque. Great experience thank you. Pain was bearable and I appreciate you making the process quick. Very impressed with the cleanliness of your salon and really enjoyed the banter.

No issues with ingrown hairs etc. See you in a few weeks. Thank you again.



Thanks Zaque. Loving my new found smoothness !!! I'll definitely be back !!!

I can't believe I didn't do this much earlier. You're a real Pro. (Zaq: not sure where he was going with that lol)

I will recommend you to anyone I know who's interested in your services.

Regards, George


Hi Zaque, everything went well thank you.

No swelling, tenderness or ingrown hairs. I'll book the next appointment with you in few weeks.

Thanks again. Alex


Hi Zaque, thak you again ... I was very happy with your service. Cheers Peter


Hi Zaque my gf was very happy with the results thanks and if she moves down you're likely to have regular customers, Cheers Andrew (Canberra)


Thanks Zaque, no issues whatsoever. Really happy with the result. see you again in a couple of months. Chris


Hi Zaque,

Was really happy with the results. Looks much neater and feels much cleaner and hygienic.

Didn't have any issues or reactions which was great.

Thanks for making the procedure so comfortable. Was a little nervous and expecting it to be more painful by you made me feel comfortable and the whole procedure was relatively painless.

See you next time, Daniel


Hey Zaque, everything has settled down nicely and no issues at all. Very happy with how everything went and appreciate your attentiveness ! Cheers


Hi Zaque, thaks for the "fuzz alert"!

You did such a great job last time hardly enough growth at this stage to re book! Might have to book a massage in the interim once I get a bit of free time over the next week or so!


Steve :-)



All good here thanks Zaque, very happy with the results, so is my girl.

Thanks for doing a great job.




Hey Zaque ;-)

I'm well thank you and everything is fantastic.

Service was greate. Using tea tree and dry brushing !

Amazing is one word!

Please do follow up with reminder,

Kind regards,




Hi Zaque,

Thanks for a great service !




Hi Zaque,


Great wax, best ever, no jokes




Hi Zaque,

Thank you for the great job you did yesterday. I loved my balls, shaft being done and the feeling is even better now.

I was unsure about this and with your support I had no hesitation in getting them done, thank you. I couldn't wait to get home ;-)

I will be looking forward to getting it done next time,





Hello Zaq,

You were right, I love my new man and he loves it too ……….. I love how it feels, so smooth, silky and there is so much ‘more’ of it Great job, will be sending him back for sure!

Catch up with you soon,

Sally X


Hi Zaque,

Just a quick note to say “thanks heaps mate”. Feels great. You are really good – yet again wrapped with your excellent care, thoroughness and attention to detail.

All the best, take care and see ya.



Hey Zak,

I love how it feels, couldn’t wait to get home and try him out …….. fuck mate what a huge turn on …………….my balls look so much larger and fuller and I’m not the only one appreciating that !!!!

Great one buddy,



Hi Zaque,

Just thought I’d let you know how pleased I am with your waxing, especially your BB&C. Previous waxing technicians I have had I can now say have been very average  compared to yourself. It was great, you have a great ‘bedside manner’ so to speak and I didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Compared to others you are much more sympathetic, caring and I felt more comfortable just in the fact that you are a guy and not some bimbo screwing up her face at having to do my arse or handle my genitals.

Will call you next month to arrange another session,

Have a great weekend mate,





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Dear Zak,

Just a quickie for you to let you know how fantastic I felt not only during the massage, but when I got home I just floated off into bed and had one of the best nights sleep in years !

See you agian in a couple of weeks mate.




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Dear Zaque,

Shit man that was one hell of a rub down!



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Hi Zaq,

Thanks for the best massage that I have had since moving to Melbourne, you should be working in the States, as you would do VERY well.

Must admit that I did feel a little apprehensive at first ... you never know these days with male 'masseurs'. Your professionalism was A1 and your strength was perfect.

Am glad you talked me out of going in very hard ;-)

Say hello to Alex ... she is always so adorable

See you Soon,




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Sven, I think I love you!

It’s been a long time since I have felt so good, although the day after I was rather ‘tender’, but am feeling great now. I finally found my own Swedish masseur, I know you are Dutch but you look so Swedish!

Luv, next time rather than doing a full body one can we concentrate more on the shoulders and bottom as I liked the pressure there and felt like it was benefiting me more.
Darling, can’t wait to next time, I may even have a wax too ?

Susan xxxxx

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G’day Zaque,

Hate to tell you that you were right, but you were, having the double massage at home was the best thing! We both felt like we were floating on clouds and buzzing for the rest of the evening, and bed never felt better.

Cheers also for showing us some massage moves we can use on each other, which we put into practice that very night. (Lyn and I were both curious about getting massaged while the other watched and mate, my reaction was obvious but Lyn also enjoyed it too, rather interesting really)

So tell me buddie, when are you available for another training session? Email us and let us know your availability and we can work something out.
Catch you soon, and thanks once again buddie,


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G’day Zaque,

Sorry this has taken me a while to send, I've been busy as this month.

I just wanted to express my thanks for the high quality massage I received from you I was, shall we say, a touch apprehensive before I arrived but you knew how to put me at my ease immediately. Your hands seemed to instinctively know how best to knead out the tension and stress I was feeling.

By the time I stood up from your table I was feeling the best that I had for months. I will recommend your services without any hesitation. Please feel free to use any or all of these comments if you need any client testimonials on your website.

Cheers, David

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Hey Zaque,

Just wanted to say thanks again for an amazing massage. I travel the world extensively and try and get a massage in as often as my work load permits and I must say that I've only ever come across a massage experience like yours once before and that is in the United States.

Many massage therapists have techniques and certain strokes that they use on clients, but you....you have the magic ....



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Laser : Permanent hair reduction


Hi Zaque, not sure about the shedding, I haven't noticed.

I had no reaction to the laser, skin is good.

There IS a difference in regrowth between the 2 areas treated ... thank u again, see u next time.



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....... thanks everyone xx

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