Electrolysis is another method of getting rid of those hateful hairs individually one by one. Just like a disappointing Saturday night out, your root is violated with a very fine probe. The devices used these days are constantly being redeveloped but basically this fine probe, generally a very fine needle, is inserted into the follicle to destroy the hair at where it all begins, in the hair root with chemical or heat energy.


Typically, as is the case with many medical breakthroughs, its discovery was quite by accident. A doctor who specialises in the medical and surgical care of the eyes and the visual system is an Ophthalmologist, well this Dr., a Dr. Charles Michel, was getting out an ingrown eyelash from one of his patients eye way back in  AD.1875 and vwa-lah, the discovery of Electrolysis as a form of hair removal …. How’s that for a bit of trivia

What is Electrolysis ?

Electrolysis for us plebiscites involves passing an electrical current, by way of a very fine needle-shaped electrode or metal probe, through to each individual hair root (follicle) using the natural saline and water that lives deep in our skin to destroy the hair root. It is also the only hair removal method approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal ….. IPL and Laser are permanent hair reduction methods and shouldn't really be advertised as permanent hair removal.


As with all hair removal methods, hair grows in 3 different stages, growing, resting and then the shedding phases. Because all of you hair isn’t connected by the latest Google or Samsung technology it isn’t all growing in the same phase as others and therefore multiple sessions are needed to get those buggers in to the growth phase for any hair removal treatment to be effective



Most areas of one’s body can be treated using this method and although the whole body can be treated most people that use this method do so for the areas on their heads such as eyebrows, hair line, lips, chins and breasts. Legs, backs, chests etcetera can all be treated but the way in which Electrolysis is delivered would make doing the larger areas VERY expensive !!

There are generally no permanent side effects from Electrolysis but at times there can be a temporary slight reddening of the skin.



Methods of Electrolysis

There are 3 methods of electrolysis that differ depending on the types of materials, or conductors, used to transfer the heat:


  • Galvanic Electrolysis
    • Galvanic uses chemicals as its conductors, it’s the original electrolysis and applied via direct current which results in a chemical change where the natural salt and water in your hair follicle produces lye (sodium hydroxide). When this ‘lye’ heats up because of the current it destroys that pesky bloody hair follicle.
  • Thermolysis Electrolysis
    • Also known as radio or high-frequency electrolysis uses alternating current to provide heat in the follicle. Water is the conductor here, the alternating current vibrates the shit out of the hair follicle, the molecules of water surrounding the root heats up and again destroys that pesky bloody hair follicle.
  • Blend Electrolysis (not really a separate method but worth a mention)
    • ‘Blend’ is a combination of the above two methods using direct and alternating current so a chemical and heating action happen together or successively to the follicle and really gets that ‘mother tucker’.
  • Electric Tweezers
    • These are usually the home remedy kits that you can do yourself at home. The only thing with this method is that the electric tweezers vibrates the hair and not the hair follicle. Now, I don’t know about you but I can’t see hair killing its own hair follicle just from vibrating, no matter how good and loud the Rumba music is !

There’re a couple of things that’ll determine the results with either of these approaches.

  • Firstly, the current is applied via a fine wire filament which, for us farmers out there, call it an ‘electrolysis needle’.
  • The second factor that determines results, and this applies to all forms of hair removal be it waxing or Laser or anything really, is practitioner skill. Finding someone that is good at what they do and is meticulous about their work and not just filling in work week until they get paid so they can party is such an important factor in getting good results !

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Differences between Electrolysis and IPL / Laser ?

Electrolysis only treats the actual hair follicle that is pissing you off but it’s a one hair at a time process. It is also works on any colour skin and any hair thickness or hair colour so yes, blonde hair is ok.

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Pro’s and Cons of Electrolysis


The Pro’s

  • Electrolysis has so far the best overall results to any other method in getting rid of your hair permanently or for looooon periods of time.
  • Electrolysis isn’t choosey as to who it works with. Unlike IPL or Laser, Electrolysis doesn’t target the melanin, the pigment stuff that makes your hair have its colour, but targets the hair follicle, or root, itself …. And no, I’m not saying that it roots itself, although once zapped the follicle will be rooted for sure. People that can’t get treated with Laser or IPL because there isn’t any melanin, or pigment, in their hair such as blondes are good candidates for Electrolysis.

The Con’s

  • If you’ve been waxing or tweezing for a while then the actual hair follicle can become bent or distorted so getting the needle to the root is more difficult and therefore harder to destroy it. There’s that ‘root’ word again ;-/
  • Make sure you’re in for the long haul ! Everyone differs so you may disagree here but you’ll need anything from 12 – 30 treatments and depending on how they’re spaced apart you could be doing it for a few years !
  • As with other treatments there could be some hyperpigmentation or skin discolouration …. With Electrolysis this MAY happen if it’s not done properly.
  • It can determine whether you eat steak or mince, or whether you eat at all really. Electrolysis can be pricey simply because it’s labour intensive and they’re doing it strand by strand …. Let’s hope your electrolysis person is wearing a decent deodorant !
  • What’s your pain tolerance like ? Electrolysis has been compared to a little ‘sting’ or ‘tingle’ and if you’re doing your beard there’s a shit load of little ‘stinging’ going to be going on !!

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When not to use Electrolysis


  • Ummmmm, if you have a pace maker, best not to use Electrolysis *shock*.  The metal plates of a pacemaker could heat up.
  • Rosacea …. Your skin is already very sensitive and could easily be irritated even more from having electrolysis …. Always consult your doctor in any case before starting any hair removal method though, that’s just common sense surely ?
  • Areas of the skin treated by electrolysis MAY become lighter or darker so you could end up looking like a snow leopard or a Dalmatian …. Highly unlikely of course but some pigment change could occur.

I think that’s ‘nuff said about electrolysis really considering I should be promoting my recent acquisition of the amazing latest and only LASER machine of its type in Australia (at the time of me writing this page that is) direct from Germany and offering Men’s Laser Melbourne.

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