Bulge Enhancer

Is that a pistol in your pocket ....... ?!

What the push up bra did for women's breasts, the 'Bulge Enhancer' will have a similar effect with that package of yours in your jocks.

Give yourself that extra bit of confidence, you'll look or feel better having that extra bit of bulge happening down there in your jocks or swim togs. The HAARD Bulge Enhancer does just that, it helps to push up and forward your package giving you the appearance of a more fuller package.

Placed at the base of your penis and scrotom the Bulge Enhancer is elasticated so you can wear it to your own personal comfort and is easily resized via the velcro tags.

Wear it loose to give you that bigger sized package look or wear it firmer to give you an even fatter packaged look.

Ideally suited to wearing with HAARD nylon swim togs the Bulge Enhancer can also be worn with your underwear, trackpants or even when going 'commando', in fact it can be worn at anytime as the results will be seen even under your jeans.



Note: should you become aroused whilst wearing this and become semi erect or totally, wearing the Bulge Enhancer will maintain that state of excitement for a longer period than normal .... If at ANY time wearing the Bulge Enhancer becomes uncomfortable either let it out for a looser fit or take it off completely.



  • One size fits all
  • Fully adjustable
  • Attention grabbing
  • As worn by the swimwear models


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