OK guys, this swimwear ROCKS !

Call them what you want, speedo's (which they're not), togs, dick togs, budgie smuglers or boulder holders .... whatever ..... these Nylon swimwear are perfect for getting around in when at the beach, around the house, the pool or just about wherever you want. A lot of guys aren't into wearing these types of things at the beach or in public and instead wear boardies or board-shorts .... well they have to wear something underneath and I've noticed a LOT of them wearing these nylon swimtogs.

  • light
  • quick drying
  • elasticated AND drawstring waist
  • 100% Nylon
  • 12 colours !!!!!
  • full on sex appeal
  • perfect for wearing underneath other swimming trunks such as board-shorts as these will dry in no time, even underneath the shorts
  • if you want to get noticed .... these are it
  • 15% discount by mentioning 'togs' in the discount coupon section at the checkout.







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