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What determines the prices

Our obsession with physical appearance is at an all-time high in today’s society.  For whatever reason you’ve come to the decision that some of your body hair is unsightly and unwanted and because you’re not alone out there thanks to the marketing giants, hair removal by means of laser treatments has gained in popularity over waxing because of the results that it can achieve. Also, as time has passed and with the technology constantly evolving, the over the top high prices have become relatively affordable.  Just how affordable and what are you willing to compromise because you want a cheap service is up to you.

Understanding LASER Treatment Pricing

Will you have to refinance your house if you want LASER hair removal ? I did, but then that was to buy the LASER device and not for a treatment. All you’ll have to do is to abstain from that weekend out, give up the alcohol, drugs and all that cash invested in trying to get laid and still having to visit the sex workers  (you’ll be surprised at how many hundreds of $$ you’ll save). Invest those savings in to getting that hairy back of yours laser treated and your new smooth back will probably be the thing that gets you laid anyway ?!

As you try and find out costs you’ll notice that they will vary GREATLY between businesses. The majority of those businesses will want you to come in for a consultation so that they can accurately assess you and give you some idea of what you’ll be up for.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, that whole thing pissed me off as well during my research. I wasn't at all encouraged to do business with anyone after attempting to traverse Melbourne, and the Punt Road 'car park. After becoming a victim of 'road rage' from a 95 year old lady with her Zimmer frame, I was eventually faced with a hard selling, air headed bimbo with WAY to much makeup on leaving me wondering what other things was that business trying to cover up .... so I just sat on my arse and surfed the net instead.

Honestly though guys, someone will ask me how much for a back wax so I’ll tell them $40, how do I know that they only have a little bit of hair in the small of their back and a tad on their lats ….. new price $20 or they come in for a $40 back wax but then tell me to wax their shoulders and deltoids as well, their $40 ‘back’ wax now becomes back+shouders+deltoids ($55) Just with waxing prices and clipping prices, the laser prices are just a guide and a guide ONLY.

What Determines Laser Treatment Costs?

In determining the cost for you so that you can plan your body hair eradication and extinction tactics, let’s first discuss the aspects that directly influence the cost of laser removal. There are many factors that contribute to your overall cost for the hair removal treatments in Melbourne for example.

  • Years of technological research.
  • Size of area being treated.
  • The area of the body that you want treated.
  • Number of treatments (normally a minimum of 5 to 6).
  • The region of the suburb/city/state where you’re getting the procedure done.
  • The amount of completion in the area of the clinic may also have some effect.
  • Justifying the expense.
  • Beware cheap offers, deals and the like.

1. Technology

Technology can be quite expensive and some hair removal devices out there are literally well over the $100 000 mark as I soon discovered when the first machine I checked out with amazing flashing knobs and screens was like $140k !! Bugger, what is with flashing knobs ?? I get people flashing their knobs at me all the time and I don’t charge them $140k, maybe I should ???

Some machines out there will enter the market at around the $30 000 mark and there’ll be others out there that are less, heck, I think you can even buy a little IPL model from the ‘Shaver Shop’ to use at home for several hundred bucks …. (You’ll have to do the searches for reviews on their effectiveness though as I can’t be stuffed, I’m prattling on enough as it is !)

Cost in rent, machine repayments, staff bla, bla, bla yeah,yeah I know, boohoo to the business owner. You just want to have one session and that’s it, and you want to pay $50 or less for it. You want cheap, pain free and you want the results yesterday !….. Time for a reality slap in the face I’m afraid mate.

2. Area Being Treated

If you want to get an accurate price you will first need to get over any embarrassment you may have with talking about your body parts, bits and pieces so that you can be precise and clear when mentioning your exact needs.  Establish the locations on the body you want treated, have a look at them in the mirror without using it as an excuse to interfere with yourself, and make a mental note where the hair starts and stops and then where YOU want it to start and stop.

For example, if you are wanting your back done, be mindful that at some point your back (gold) turns into your shoulders (orange) which then turns into your deltoids (green) I know a lot of you out there will probably call that a full back but it consists of 3 areas, back, shoulders and deltoids and not as ‘full back’. Over the phone I’ll quote you for a full back (gold) because that’s what you asked for but it will NOT include your shoulders and deltoids i.e.’ T-shirt style. 


The simple fact is that larger areas of the body require more work to cover them and more firings of the laser.  The sheer volume of time and effort of doing a back that includes the T-shirt line has over just a treating a ‘back’ means that you will pay more, meerkat ‘simples’.


3. Hair Density

Take stock of the hair you want removed and consider the density of those hairs, how many hairs per cm2 and whether or not there’re bald patches anywhere.


If you and a mate both have excessively hairy forearms, for example, then you MAY require additional laser treatment procedures compared to your mate's forearms.

Having more hair per cm2 just means that the hair growth cycles may be more varied in their regularity and so the possibility exists that where your mate had 5 sessions, you may need 6 or 7.  This applies to hair on the legs, upper lip, back or among other treatable areas.

In other words, more thickly populated hair will result in a higher quantity of laser treatments.  More treatments mean higher costs, which brings us to our next factor, number of treatments.

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4. Number of Treatments

Contrary to what many believe, the laser method is not just a “one and done” procedure.  It takes multiple treatments in order to complete the process.  On average, a patient will need around 5 or 6 treatments for things to be considered complete.  However, it’s not uncommon to have 8 or more treatments depending on the volume and body part where the hair is being removed.

Additionally, laser hair removal, the same as IPL, is not a permanent solution and should be considered more of a hair reduction treatment, even if you’ve had a result of 90% of your hair disappearing.  As a result, you will need “maintenance” visits once a year or so depending on what stage of life you’re in, whether it’s a full moon, medications you may be taking, hormonal levels and so forth and so forth. The only true permanent option would be having electrolysis treatments.

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5. Geographic Location

Depending on where you live, laser treatments can be very reasonable, or very expensive.  For instance, some of the affluent suburbs around Melbourne you may find prices more expensive than those considered to be less affluent. On the other hand, you could be in a region where there are very few clinics that perform laser removal such as Tasmania and may find only one clinic in the town. This too, could drive the price up if they’re the only clinic in the city whereas living in or near a large metropolitan area is your best bet as competition usually drives the price down making it more affordable.


Having said that, I have a client whose friend ‘Sally’ travels from Melbourne to Sydney to have her laser treatments. Sally had a friend that had a very successful laser treatment experience in Sydney, so Sally wanted to go where she knew from 1st hand that she’d get good results. 

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6. So, How Much Is Laser Hair Removal?

Haven't we covered this question a number of times already ?

So how much does it cost ? 2 words, NO IDEA ….. I can give you rough estimates on what a treatment may cost you by linking to my price guide, but really I have no idea until I actually see you and inspect the area that you want treated. If you ask simply “how much to get my back lasered ?” I’ll reply will be $50 - $2000 which will tell you nothing and probably result in a day or two of text tennis …. NOT my favourite game !

To accurately answer the question “how much is laser hair removal”, you would need to come in and say hi so that I can ogle over your bits or else talk to a spa or clinic in your area. Setting up a consultation is always recommended. Yeah, a bit of a bastard but at some point no matter whether you see me, someone else or you’re living elsewhere in the world, you’ll have to do some walking and talking.

A well-established and professional LASER hair removal specialist will always provide a complete list of prices adjusted to suit your needs as they will be very different between individuals. Treatments will range from $50 - $1600 PER session depending on the area covered and that is just 1 treatment ….. most places, including myself, will offer discounts for paying up front for multiple treatments which for me consists of purchasing 6 treatments upfront.

Below, I’ve listed a “ballpark” cost per visit for a couple of body areas and also for the standard 6 treatments as a rough guide to how much you could expect to pay. Keep in mind that these are just estimated figures based on full coverage and per visit, your specific hair removal needs will differ dependant on your own personal needs.

  • Cheeks and Sideburns $ 180 per visit $ 918 for 6 treatments ($162 saving)
  • Upper lip area from $ 50 per visit $ 255 for 6 treatments ($45 saving)
  • Upper Back area from $ 423 per visit $ 2157 for 6 treatments ($380 saving)
  • Butt from $ 195 per visit $ 936 for 6 treatments ($234 saving)
  • Full Legs $ 572 per visit $ 2917 for 6 treatments ($514 saving)
  • Entire Body $ 2 000 per visit $ 10 200 for 6 treatments ($1800 saving)

Packages are obviously a cheaper option rather than a per session basis, it doesn’t take one to be an award winning scientist to realise that you’re better off with the discount. Paying as you go may be more manageable for you financially though, at the end of the day you know your budget.

For yourself though, the time involved in repeated waxing and shaving over the years very often far outweighs the minimal increase in cost required for a series of laser hair removal treatments. These days everyone seems to be time poor, getting yourself LASERED means in the long run over the course of what would have been your waxing life you've save countless hours, even weeks.

7. Justifying the investment

For years now we've been appreciating the beauty of women and men alike, that feeling good about ourselves has so many benefits just for our psych alone. Beauty comes at price though which women seem to have got to grips with for centuries now whereas us men, well we'd feel better about spending our money on adding wider tires on our ride or modifying our car engines. Men, by their nature, are more log ical and practical and so look at things differently.

You do the math : Some tattoos can cost over the $1000, a root canal can be up to $4000 and your girlfriends new titties probably set her back $12 000 so, forking out $2 000 for getting your hair on your back removed ???  If you get your back waxed every 5 weeks at $45 per session that’s around $468 per year but you’ll be doing that and going through the pain for 30 years or more and spending $14,040 and still have the hair present on your back.

When you're bored one day, pull up a chair and your iPad calculator and add up what you reckon you’ve spent on getting rid of that pelt of hair on you back so far. Next, tally up what you think would be the projected costs of maintaining that would be over the remainder of your years .... all the razor blades, shavers, depilatory creams, home wax kits, professional sessions etc. etc. Then, add all the other bullshit that comes with it, pain, agitation, ingrown hairs, redness, folliculitis and more importantly the time 'wasted' attending to all of it and you would be surprised on just how much it really is costing you .... LASER isn't such a bad option now is it?

So, now that we have some sort of understanding here then is a GUIDE to possible costs, if you want to get an accurate price you will have to get off your arse and come in for a consultation and need to get over any embarrassment you may have with talking about or showing off your body parts, bits and pieces so that we can be precise and clear about your exact needs and therefore the costs involved.

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8. Beware the cheap sites and offers

There are various deals out there with shopping websites such as scoupon and groupon that offer countless deals and specials with IPL and Laser business doing $99 deals etc. …. Let’s just say that I’ve a mate that has had 12 sessions of IPL using the various deals etc., traveling to several different business getting those deals and after 12 sessions concluded that “oh well, it didn’t work but I only spent $300 so not such a big waste” …... My god mate, what do you expect, you get what you pay for in some cases and this is one of those cases.

I see several flaws with his plan of attack:

  • Even though his choice was IPL which is generally cheaper than Laser, the cheapness of the price could suggest that the technology being used is old.
  • Going from one end of Melbourne to the other just to get cheap deals would cost in travel time and fuel expense.
  • Going to so many different businesses won’t allow anyone to get a history and log his sessions so when he fronts up at yet another place they’ll have no idea how he’s been treated, what settings were used or what areas they covered so they’ll be treating him from scratch at every new place he ventures to.
  • After so many of these ‘scratch starting’s’ his hair growth has the risk of being under-treated. The hair is damaged but not damaged enough to kill it off and so he runs the risk of making the hair kinda  ‘immune’ to further treatments.
  • A lot of these cheaper deals come with fine print that you really should get out your telephoto lens to read as you’d be surprised as to some of their ‘valid only for’ listings

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