What is the issue with hair ?

A brief look at the History of Hair Removal.

Our desire to be hairless has been going on for years ….. for thousands of them or probably since the dawn of time so nothing much has changed except the means now available to get rid of it. Way back when most of our communication was done with a grunt, but come to think of it a lot of men still communicate that way and those stupid moles playing tennis ? what the hell is going on with them … screaming like an amateur porn actor in a very, very cheap porn movie every time they hit the ball, I know they’re ‘pros’ but seriously, even the ‘pros’ on the cheap strips don’t behave like that, god I wish they’d shut the f*#k up !!!

Look, now I’m distracted …… where was I ? Ah yes, our issues with hair and not female pro tennis players ….. do they lose control of their bladders and pee their pants when they strain so hard to get out those grunts ?

Neanderthal man hadn’t invented the wheel as yet let alone an understanding of their skin and structure of hair. Their attempts at hair removal using flint stones and sharp shells would have taken off more skin as it would hair, even Native Americans used sharp clam shells. Evidence of total body hair removal in ancient India dates back to 4000BC

In ancient times it was considered barbaric to have body hair and body hair was considered a sign that one was uncivilised, poor, of lower class, or even worse, a SLAVE. Julius Caesar kept his chin clean of hair by no doubt getting some poor bastard, probably a very hairy slave to pluck them out one by one. Roman statues especially the women, are depicted hairless and through various means of flints, stones, tweezers and creams that were often toxic and hazardous to their health, removed body hair for fear of being thought of as being uncivilised and a sign of one’s social status. Pumice stones were used to rub the hair off their legs and other parts, buffing the hair off and at the same time giving their legs a nice shine. Both men and women in Ancient Egypt shaved their heads and wore wigs depicting their social status, a wig of human hair as opposed to one made from horse hair with hopefully the shitty dags removed, also depicted their level up the social ladder. Some wigs were made of vegetable fibre too which I guess kept their bowels regular as when they got bored with it they could eat their wig and then grab another from the garden. The Egyptians were also touted as having invented ‘sugaring’ a sticky pasted made from sugar, lemon juice and water heated to form a syrup, used the same way as modern day wax it’s still a widely used method. Alexander the Great demanded that his soldiers get rid of their beards when going to battle so that the enemy didn’t have the advantage of grasping their heads in hand-to-hand combat …. Could this be why we still see the military with so short a hair style ? Threading came to us from the East where the Arabic name is fatlah or khite, there they used a cotton thread to wrap around the hair, twist it and then tug it out … a great art and works very well even today it’s still popular.

During the middle ages one they were very big into water sports but nothing to do with water polo or water skiing ….. One of the methods used to remove hair was that they’d use cats piss and vinegar, soak bandages in them and then and then rub off the hair from their faces, including their eyebrows. WTF ! I can’t IMAGINE what rubbing bandages soaked in pussy piss and vinegar over ones face would smell like, I’m tipping these people didn’t have many friends but apparently Queen Elizabeth 1 set a precedence, apparently to make their foreheads appear elongated, typical Queens they’re always setting the trends.

  • 1760 a French barber, Jean Jacques Perret created the first razor which saw the average person able to shave themselves especially with the availability of less expensive and better produced mirrors.
  • 1844 saw Dr. Gouraud created one of the first depilatory creams called Poudre Subtile.
  • 1880 King Camp Gillette created the first disposable razor, being a trend setter and a name like Camp does that mean he was also royalty, a Queen …. Just putting it out there ?
  • 1915 first razor specifically for women was created by our mate Mr. Gillette called Milady Décolleté and in the early 1900s women’s fashion magazines were running ads featuring women with their arms raised and exposing naked armpits …. Oh My God, the horror !
  • Because of the war and the shortage of nylon women were forced to expose their legs more often in 1940 Remington released the first electric razor for women but this was only after they’d got it right with a men’s razor.
  • 1960s saw the wax strip revolution and it quickly became the method of choice with removing hair from the legs and pits for women, lasers were out there but they were still in their infancy and tended to do more than damage just the hair follicle so weren’t very popular.
  • 1970s saw the bikini craze go ballistic and so too the bikini wax …. Can you ever wonder why ????

In the 1990s lasers finally proved an effective technique for getting rid of hair without damaging the surrounding tissue. In America, the first device approved for use was in 1996 and since then there’s been a cazillion different types of Laser and IPL devices developed and improved upon.

So far as I’m aware, no manufacturer can at this stage claim that their devices can cause ‘permanent hair REMOVAL’ but can claim instead ‘permanent hair REDUCTION’.  I guess the manufactures can play around with their percentages then and claim that hair in general can be reduced by up to 90% but everyone is different and results will always depend on so many different factors.

So whilst that annoying hair on your arse, your back or her back (scary) …. may not be removed entirely and forever-n’-ever, it WILL for sure be damned to hell and will, to a significant degree, disappear.

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