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Aftercare Kit AUD $120.00
  • Mouth Tray & Case
  • Magic Pen
  • 30% Activating Gel


This is the perfect pack for use after having had a teeth whitening treatment. It has the basics required to maintain your white teeth and is compact enough to use when traveling or on the move.


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Home Maintenance Kit

AUD $140.00
  • 22% Activating Gel
  • Cleansing Gel (toothpaste)
  • Mouthwash
  • Tray and Case
  • tongue Scrapper
  • A great gift idea !




The Home Maintenance Kit has everything that you will need to get you on your way to having whiter teeth. This maintenance kit is great when used in-between treatments with the Cool Blue LED System.


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Magic Pen AUD $49.00

Maintaining your BriteWhite smile is now easy thanks to the new BriteWhite Magic. Just paint your teeth using our new Magic brush that contains a specially developed whitening agent to give you a BriteWhite smile without any mess or fuss.

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The clear, formula is dispensed by simply clicking on the brush applicator which enables safe and effective teeth whitening anytime, anyplace, even when you're on the go. It dries almost instantly on your teeth, without fuss.

For maximum effect, use the pen twice a day, and then refrain from eating or drinking for half an hour. Now you can maintain your teeth anywhere and anytime you like without any mess or fuss. That’s BriteWhite Magic!


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Mouth Tray & Case AUD $27.00

The mouth piece and carry case used for teeth whitening it comes with 2 mouth pieces, one each for upper and lower teeth. 

The mouth piece is generic in size, placed in hot water and let to soak for a few minutes it will soften slightly so that you can then place it over your own teeth, (one for the upper set and the other for the lower) allow to cool and set. The pliable mouth piece will mould itself to fit over your teeth and once set this will be used whenever you are self administering the home whitening system.



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Activating Gel Replacement AUD $47.00

30% activating Gel using Carbamide Peroxide and does not contain Fluoride or alcohol as an ingredient maintaining the safest product.

BriteWhite is the newest technology globally for whitening teeth safely. This Activating Gel is a special custom blend that prevents heat and whitens teeth safely. On aged teeth, eleven shades in less than 20 minutes has been achieved by some people, but like everything, each person has different results.

The Activating Gel needs to be used in conjunction with the Mouth Tray



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