Zaque gets a Laser

decisions, decisions .... such a hard decision on which to choose ?


FINALLY !! and about bloody time can I just say ….. ok, well it’s taken me several months to decide on which technology to use ……. Yes, yes, I’m a procrastinator but there is a lot of information to consider when investing what could’ve been a nice little Peugeot sports but instead is a little ‘microwave oven’  …. I know which one I’d have preferred to be re-financing my house for …. In any case, it’s done now and seriously, would you really re-finance a house to buy a car .... it is a nice car though eh.

I’ve been ripping hair out of people’s arseholes for many years now and decided it was time to go that next step in providing an option for you guys that is more permanent in reducing your body hair.

As the majority of my work is dealing with men’s hairy bodies and specialising in the more intimate areas such as genitals, or as women refer to as eeewwww it looks like a baby budgie, gross, …. finding the technology that was best suited to my clients needs was a lot harder than I thought and definitely a shit load more expensive.

So what’s with all the interest ? Like so many of us guys out there, the first thing when you wake up is probably to slide your hand down your chest and abs to deal with the other little man that’s been awake for some time now and wanting some attention. It’s generally at that point of feeling the hair on your body that you’re reminded that no, you don’t quite fit the image of those guys in the porn movies you watch constantly, they’re all smooth as the day they were born. NO, it isn’t ‘natural’ despite what the guys at the gym say, but it IS the look that the porn industry encourages for various reasons and one that seems all you guys are wanting be imitate. Is it to fit that image in your own head that makes you feel like you to are a sex machine if you’re completely smooth down there, or is it really for your sporting needs, hygiene or cleanliness that so many of you volunteer to be your reasoning ??? at the end of the day, who cares !

Just like yourself, I had the issue of deciding on which technology to go for, so here I’m going to crap on at infinitum about the path/journey that I took, and how I got to the point of now treating people with LASER technology and giving them the results that they always wanted …. Permanent hair reduction.

As an introduction, I’ll basically skim over the whole laser process, the ‘whats’, ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ and ‘shoulds’ with regards to the whole world of laser. Through my ramblings I’ll provide you with links to pages that will explain the topic in greater detail for those of you out there, like myself, that actually give a shit and are interested in getting a broader understanding of the technology and machinations of LASER hair removal.

At the end of the day you have to feel comfortable with the place you decide to go to, be reassured of the quality of work and feel confident and comfortable with the person performing the treatment. I think it’s really obvious when the person conducting the treatment would rather be out somewhere else other than treating your back or balls.  Their manner, stance and general vibe is very important; people have to care about what they are doing and who they’re doing it to and also have the ethics to know when NOT to treat something rather than looking for the financial reward of the dollar. Most places out there offer more than just the laser treatment so a good way to get a vibe without feeling like you have to commit to something is to book in for some other treatment on offer, in my case you could come in for a clip, wax or massage and during that time we can discuss options for laser.

If at the end of all this you’ve decided that you want to at least have a patch test done, see if it works and it’s the method of hair removal for you feel free to send me a text or call to book a consultation. Consultations are free and if you decide to have a patch test done it’s a $60 fee which is then discounted off your first treatment.

In me wanting to advance to the next level of hair removal I had to decide on which technology to go for and that’s also an issue that you will be faced with, so here I’m going to crap on at infinitum about the path/journey that I took in getting to the point of actually doing LASER treatments as it’ll be similar to what you’re experiencing with regarding to finding out which one you want as your preferred treatment method.

So then, where should we start, what are your hair removal options then ? Well there are several different methods of hair removal but if you've already decided on technology as your chosen weapon then I guess the best way really to go about discussing laser hair removal would be to answer the questions that most people ask by way of the FAQ section.

In the meantime, what did I end up getting ?

The laser that I got is a state of the art grade 4 medical diode laser. It has a built in cooling system to make any discomfort less and due to its effectiveness, treatment times are far less than other lasers and IPL machines purporting to do the same treatment.

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