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Ok, you're looking good, you've got great clothes on, an amazing head of hair and you've been working out at the gym, so ...... a picture of health then would have your pic on it! Now you're about to jump into the sac with some nameless person that you managed to persuade into your bed and have every intention of impressing them with your amazing and legendery, (well, you think it is legendary) sexual techniques ... and THEN you remember the HAIR GROWTH !

Some people can suffer unwanted hair on various parts of the body, it poses no problem to you but a lot of the time it's what's unwanted by others and can keep some people from interacting on a more intimate level.

Well I certainly hope that you're ready for all of this !  The fact that you've got to this page can only mean that you have some curiosity about waxing right, and that is body waxing we’re talking about, nothing to do with your cars' maintenance program, or rubbing down your surfboard. We’re talking about getting rid of that unwanted hair that your girlfriend/boyfriend, mother, your neighbour or significant other has been nagging and commenting about or, that you are just plain and simply tired of having hair in places you'd rather not.

I guess the most common question I get is with regards to men's genital waxing. This is not the domain of the perverted or for the kinky and for heaven's sake just because you want to keep your genital region neat and tidy does NOT mean that you've got gay tendencies .... no-one could be that dumb surely ? ..... Although there are still a LOT of sheltered people out there.

This waxing section will explain, and hopefully answer ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you wanted to know ..... and more than likely things you DIDN'T want to know.




Waxing (for both Men and Women)

First and foremost I am a male, well last time I looked anyway. 100% Dutch breeding with an Aussie twist so at the end of the day you are going to have to be comfortable with receiving your treatment/wax, whatever you want to call it, by a male technician. That’s right a male, spell it out loud with me ........... m _ a _ l _ e.

There is only one part of the body that I haven't waxed on someone and that is a guys beard or facial growth, women's fluffy lips and cheeks yes but NOT a guys 4 day facial growth for example. I mean, why would you ?! OUCH x@#*??!!! ...... I've waxed both male and females and also the transgendered or those in transition from male to female.

The majority of people will come in by themselves, but for some of you victims of social conformity, having it done for the first time you might like to bring along your partner for some moral support. Some couples come in together as a double booking, saves time, they'll go out for dinner afterwards and then who knows what they've planned for dessert ??? A few Vodka's later everyone is happy ... including me !

I'm not here to judge you or what you are wanting to have done no matter how shy you are about asking for it, trust me I reckon I've seen and heard it all .... well most of it anyway. My attitude is relaxed but the main objective is to make you feel as comfortable as I can.

The results of your waxing will generally last between 4 and 6 weeks, but it is dependent on your individual hair growth rate, time of the year, genetic coding, medication you may be taking, what diet you're on and weather the world hasn't gone crazy and blown us all up. You may, and I stress MAY, notice that over a period of time you're hair growth slows down and stops altogether. No that isn't because of death, but like I said, everyone is different and whilst some may show signs of less hair growing back, the majority of people won't, and as for that old adage that it grows back thicker and stronger than ever, that's just bullshit.

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Waxing process

In preparation for waxing treatment it is best that a couple of days before hand you start showering with a body scrub. There are many forms of body scrub lotions, creams, hand mitts and sponges out there; the main thing is to exfoliate the area to be waxed. I'd recommend hand mitts, they really get the job done but can be a bit abrasive if you tend to be too roughs.

Do not clipper or shave beforehand, can I say that again ? Do NOT x@#!* clip or shave before a wax !!!!!!!!!!

If any clippering needs to be done then allow me to do it, please, it may take a little extra time but at no extra cost to you its best that I wax with the hair the way it works best for ME. Since your hair grows in several stages if you clipper prior to waxing then there could be the chance that some of the hair is either too short or too strong and will only come out with tweezers, if at all.


This is no time to be shy or embarrassed. If you are concerned about another guy touching you then this is the time to either not bother with it at all or to throw those feelings out the door and continue, especially if you are here to have you’re your BBC waxed!

I will ask you to remove your clothing from the area that you want waxed, don’t worry I have disposable jocks or g-strings for you to wear if you like. After all the necessary lotions and potions are applied to the area I then apply warm wax.

Note: Waxing usually requires your active participation in positioning your body so I can remove your hair, you'll wish that you hadn't said no to those yoga classes now or that contortionism was part of your genetic makeup.

A smooth fabric strip is placed over waxed area and then rrrrrrrip. The hair is removed by a brisk tug; you go cross-eyed, curl up in a foetal position and begin to suck your thumb hahaha. This procedure is continued until all the hair you want removed is gone and you're so curled up in that foetal position that I'm calling the boys from the asylum and their straight jacket to have you committed. Bear in mind that once you've started the process, unless your want odd shapes all over yourself it really is a ' no stopping till finished ' procedure. (Of course you can stop I don’t mind). I will also blend in the transition from smooth to hairy so that you don’t get a line where the hair stops and starts.

After all the waxing is finished I will be giving you a brief and very light massage over the various areas I have just waxed with antiseptic lotions that will provide protection to the sensitive skin and calm any redness or irritation caused by the wax.
Everyone is different as to how their skin reacts to having been waxed. Your skin may cover itself in goose bumps where the hair has been ripped out, a natural occurrence considering what has just happened to it. It will also go a shade of red that will go back to normal within a few hours.

Once you have got dressed again you may then thank me ecstatically about the wonderful job that I'd just done and how much better it feels and that you are so impressed you'll tell all your friends and then you'll book to come back the next week. (Actually you don’t have to come back until the hair is long enough to wax again, usually between 4 and 6 weeks).



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Sports people having the edge on their competitors

The benefits of waxing to sporting bodies are well known, giving a faster, sleeker advantage over their more hairy competitors.

Cyclists, swimmers, athletes, body builders, etc, all benefit from body waxing, no longer being plagued by ingrown hairs or other painful problems.

In body building competitions, a greater advantage over competitors can be gained by excellent muscle definition resulting from waxing.


Surprisingly, most men are unaware there is an easier and more lasting solution than shaving.
Special benefits include:

  • A more hygienic and cool approach to dealing with unwanted hair
  • More definition for muscle tone
  • No itchy regrowth leaving you uncomfortable and embarrassed
  • Waxing actually takes the hair root out of the follicle, slowing down the regrowth, meaning to you, your smooth skin lasts longer.
  • No unsightly hard stubble.
  • Waxing produces a finer, softer hair regrowth.
  • Waxing actually takes the root out of the follicle, slowing down the regrowth, leaving your skin feeling smoother for longer.
  • For a more permanent effect, check out 'Laser Hair Reduction'
All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

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This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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