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Clip Price List

It's a rather hard ask to give you an idea of how much it will cost for a clip.


These are current prices and are shown here as a guide ONLY.

My prices WILL vary depending on what you are having done and how many different things we are doing at the time. For example most salons will go through the checklist and you will pay for every item idividually where as I'll bundle the whole lot and do you a deal so that at the end of the day it makes it more affordable to maintain and get your waxing done on a regular basis.

Starting at the top of your head and working down ......

These prices vary and are subject to my mood and temperament at the time .... so be nice !
Head As I said, this is JUST A GUIDE as any clipping carried out because of a wax, for example, is free of charge !!  
  Monobrow Nope
  Nostrils 5.00
  Nose Can't
  Scalp / Head 10.00
  Back of Neck 5.00
  Beard 10.00
Arms Yes of course, these are for BOTH arms  
  Full arm incl' Hands/Fingers 15.00

Upper arm

  Forearm 5.00
  Hands 5.00
  Armpits 5.00
  Chest & Stomach 10.00
  Chest, Stomach & Shoulders 15.00
  Chest only 5.00
  Abdominals only 5.00
  Full Back incl' Shoulders & Neck 15.00
  Upper Back & Shoulders 10.00
  Upper Back 1/2 5.00
  Lower Back 1/2 5.00
  Small of Back 5.00
  Shoulders and Upper Arm 5.00
  Full Shoulders incl' Neck & Pits 15.00
Legs Yes silly, these are for BOTH legs  
  Full Legs incl' Feet 20.00
  Full Legs incl' Speedo 20.00
  Thighs 5.00
  Thighs & Speedo 10.00
  Shins & Calves 10.00
  3/4 15.00
  Feet 5.00
  Cheeks 5.00
  Anus/Perineum 10.00
  Full Bum 15.00
  Full Bum and Small of back 20.00
  Speedo 5.00
  Pubic (groomed / styled) 15.00
  Balls 15.00
  Cock, Balls & Perineum 25.00
  BBC ( Bum, Anus, Perineum, Balls, Cock + optional Speedo ) 30.00

BBC Special (Bum, Anus, Perineum, Balls, Cock, Speedo and Pubic groom or removal)

Full Body    
  incl' Bum NOT incl' genitals or anus 50.00
  incl' Bum, genitals and anus/perineum 70.00
Hourly Rate 60.00

All work is carried out in a professional manner and I expect you to behave in one too ! Remember ..... I'm the one with the HOT wax.


Note: Feel free to make a consultation book in for a free consultation and quote for your bodygrooming requirements.


All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

0413 520 420

The Body Barber Melbourne, Australia


This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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