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Massage prices

Studio Visit Dutch
  30 min (additional to a wax appointment )*see note 1* $40


  60min (non-regular client) $110 $140
  60 min( regular client ) $90 $110
  90 min (non-regular client) $160 $190
  90 min ( regular client ) $140 $160
  120 min


  couples POA POA
Out-call ( your house, hotel, shack, tent, teepee, caravan, yacht, private jet) NB !
  30 min (subject to availability) n/a n/a
  60 min (subject to availability) $140 $170
  90 min (subject to availability) $190 $230
  120 min (subject to availability) $210 $240
  couples (subject to availability) POA POA


Note 1:

A 30 min session is really only good for spot work i.e. your arms, legs and is for strong to deep tissue work. I've had some people ask for a full body massage in 30 min, I mean COME ON .... I'd be working so fast to cover your whole body in 30min you would end up with 3rd degree burns just from the friction alone ! Hence I rarely do 30 minute sessions. Next time you are at the shopping centre get one at those massage stations that seem to be popping up everywhere.


Note 2:

Tuition for singles is quite difficult unless you have brought along a willing accomplice. It takes twice as long to show you how to massage if you haven't got anyone to practice on and a bit of a waste of money really. At the end of the day though, it's your call and money.


Note 3:

Usually when you have a couple massage you are in an environment like a spa or retreat where they have a number of masseurs available to work on you. In these circumstances you are laying on two tables next to your partner and receiving a massage by two professionals at the same time. As I work alone this just can't happen, I'm sorry, I know that women say that men can't multi-task and I'm afraid in this case they are 100% correct.

It is for this reason that I regard a couples massage as more of an 'class' session where I'll be massaging one person, and at the same time instructing your partner how to perform the massage, helping, and guiding them to apply the same techniques. At a point in time that you nominate, you swap with your partner and we'll repeat the same process. If you don't want to swap, that's fine too it'll be more like a private tutoring session on how to apply the various massage techniques with your partner.



These sessions do take consideralbly more time than a studio visit, especially if they're a 'couples' session. I've got to ready my tools of trade, load up the car, wrestle with traffic on the way to where-ever it is you live, then unload, set up, say "hello, how are we feeling", when I'm still spewing over the person that ran the red light, and then after the massage is finished I've got to repeat the whole process in reverse. (now you can take a breath). This can add an extra 30 minutes to 60 minutes onto the time that you have already booked so please bear that in mind if I am unable to fit you in when you call.


Parking: If I have to pay for parking then that cost will also be added to the massage. Here in Melbourne parking in the city is almost always restricted to private car parks that charge fees of up to $10 per hour especially around hotels. As I'll always be parked for over an hour I afraid that you will have to pick up that cost.

All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

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Buffed Body Hair Management Melbourne, Australia


This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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