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Massage Rates

Current 2018 pricing.

My style of massage is almost a spiritual thing and I enjoy giving them as much as one would in receiving them .... even though at times with the energies shared, I may come away from one feeling like a train wreck myself. Every one seems to be creating their own styles and calling them something weird, fluffy or to do with earth, wind, fire and not doubt there's a lotus blossom thrown in somewhere too ... I've yet to put a name to mine.

With the use of meditation, Reiki and music it is a grounded style that creates a connection between myself and my client. A choreography whereby my hands and forearms use the techniques of deep tissue, remedial, general Swedish relaxation and Reiki to evoke new sensations, deep relaxation and a sense of peace resulting in a freedom from tension and stress.

I find a deep sense of 'presence' within myself using these techniques and attune to my client in such a way that I am giving the massage WITH you rather than ON you. It is not a mechanical process of something being done on you, and apart from the background tunes it is mostly done in silence.

If you are the type of person that likes to chat during a massage then this will not be your type of massage experience ..... Sometimes it can come across as disrespectful, but PLEASE, if you are a person that jumps up off the table after receiving a massage as if nothing has happened, then stay at home or go elsewhere as this is NOT the experience that I want and we'll not be suited in work together.

I will also point out here that your hands do NOT wander, I haven't mentioned anything sexual as this is NOT a sexual service.

Studio Visit  
    Current 'The Body Barber' clients
    < 6 weeks returning 7+ weeks returning
30 min ( Add on after laser/wax/clip treatments ONLY ) *see note 1* $40


60 min ( Current client of 'The Body Barber' ) $100 $120
90 min ( Current client of 'The Body Barber ) $150 $170
120 min ( Current client of 'The Body Barber ) $190 $210
    walk in /irregular clients
60 min ( 'off the street' )   $120
90 min ( 'off the street' )   $170
120 min ( 'off the street' )




eftpos facility available  
( your house, hotel, shack, tent, teepee, caravan, yacht, private jet ...... )
  Note: Call out fee of $40 is included in out-call rates.    
60 min (subject to availability)   $160
90 min (subject to availability)   $210
120 min (subject to availability)   $250
Double / Couple    
Great AirBnB indulgence : Couple or 2 person rates:    

Studio rates apply to the 2nd person

60 min ( 2 - 2.5 hrs ) (subject to availability) $160 + $100 $260
90 min ( 3 - 3.5 hrs ) (subject to availability) $210 + $170 $480
* Note: Out-call massages are limited in availabilty due to current 'The Body Barber' commitments and booking schedule.  
** Parking: Any parking fees will be added to the rates when incurred. Unfortunately here in Melbourne parking in the city is shitful at best, almost always restricted to private car parks that charge fees of up to $20 per hour, especially around hotels. As I'll always be parked for over an hour (see notes below) I'm afraid that the client will to pick up that cost, as well as any restaurant meals, flights, accomodation and/or shows, travel visa costs, departure tax, etcetera.


Note 1:

The only time I'll entertain the idea of a 30 massage is when a client tacks on a quick massage at the end of their clip or wax treatments. Note: massage is available after a laser treatment PROVIDED that the area to be massaged has NOT had a recent laser procedure completed.

I've had some people ask for a full body massage in 30 min, I mean COME ON .... I'd be working so fast to cover your whole body in 30min that you'd end up with 3rd degree burns just from the friction alone ! 30 minutes for meet, greet, Q and A, warm up and cool down ... one would end up with about 10 min of actual massage, hence I don't do 30 minute sessions as a walk-in. Next time you are at the shopping centre get one at those massage stations that seem to be popping up everywhere or better still, one of those several massage parlours that have sprung up on every street corner.



These sessions do take consideralbly more time than a studio visit, especially if they're a 'couples' session. I've got to ready my tools of trade, load up the car, wrestle with Melbourne's traffic 'car parks' on the way to where-ever on God's earth it is you live or staying. Once there I then unload, set up table etc., say "hello, how are we feeling"and pretend I care (that takes a LOT of effort) .... actually I do care otherwise I wouldn't be there, and then after the massage is finished I've got to repeat the whole process in reverse. (now you can take a breath).

This whole process of doing a 1 hour out-call actually take 1.5 to 2 hours off my life so please bear that in mind when you book and wonder why people charge extra for out-calls be it myself or some other masseur and will also be considered in determining whether or not there is time for it to be done ... usually out-calls are last minute decisions.


All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

0413 520 420

The Body Barber Melbourne, Australia



This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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