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Hair just seems to get OUT OF CONTROL as you get older ...... certain parts of your body start sprouting hair in places that you never thought possible, or the ones you have, start to grow to lengths that stop you from walking around bear chested in public.


We all remember those early movies of men in singlets sprouting a forest of long grey hair from their chest or shoulders. It's NOT a good look and Body Clipping is the perfect solution to the overgrown wilderness that may be on you back.





Ok so some of you guys out there don’t necessarily want, or like the idea of getting waxed. I must admit, if you consider yourself to be a rather hairy person, then to go totally smooth is going to be a BIG change for you and one that you will have to get used to. Many clients are wierded out by the new sensations that they feel, even from putting on their shirts after having just been waxed.

Getting yourself clipped is a good way to get used to seeing yourself with less body hair before going in for the plunge and getting that area waxed.

Your hair can be clipped to different lengths to get a more natural look, grading from a #0 up to #8 or you can just go for the #1 all over ... it's entirelyup to you and if you ask for my opinion you'll experience the Dutch in me and I'll be totally honest with what I think. I'm not going to clip you in a way that I think won't suit you or look ridiculous after all, it's my reputation that is at stake here.



As you can see here in these pictures, the hair has been taken back quite short, using #1 and #2 the guys have been able to still show that they have a hairy torso but at the same time with the hair so short you see more skin, this type of body clipping can also give you the added benefit of improving your body definition as the shorter hairs give you shading making the chest look bigger than it actually is.




If you are shaving your hair with a disposable razor, other than experiencing razor burn or even cutting yourself, the hair regrowth is a blunt sharp bristle that gives you the feeling of little‘prickles’ through your shirts, trousers or jocks.

Body clipping doesn't get as close as shaving, although at #0 it is very close, so you don't have that uncomfortable period when the hair starts to grow back as it does if you had shaved.



It all depends on what look you are after and what you feel comfortable with, after all, it is you that I’m here to look after.


In the majority of cases all waxing that I do has some form of clipping performed so that the areas recently waxed blend in naturally to the surrounding body hair or smooth skin.


Other than that, clipping is rather self explanatory. People often do the clipping themselves at home but to get an even clip and the smooth transitions between regions it's a good idea to have it done by someone else, for that professional clip naturally you'd get me to do it.

Think of it as Topiary of the body, with a pair of clippers it's amazing the effects that you can create with some imagination and a willing client ....

Advantages of a clip

  • Increased body definition
  • Body looks neat, tidy and gives the impression that you have pride in your appearance
  • No ingrown hairs as you may get if you shave
  • Still gives you a very masculine appearance
  • Chances of hair being left behind in the shower, bed or stuck on your partners fingers reduced to zero


All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

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This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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