Am I a Candidate for LASER Hair Removal ?

Can everybody be treated by LASER …. Unfortunately, not, just because you have hair that’s pissing you off doesn’t mean that you’re a candidate for getting LASER permanent hair reduction. Several considerations need to be taken in to account her look at here before forking out your hard earned cash.

Hair, skin, machinery and health. You’ve probably read elsewhere in the site me talking about the same things and I may just be repeating myself but it’ll only serve to reinforce the information.

In my research to invest in the best hair removal technology I came across a huge number of manufactures all selling their ware purporting to have the best and latest technologies. Those with the latest machines available claim that they can treat all skin and hair types whilst other pieces of equipment may be more limited in what they can treat. Because of this some businesses may not be able to treat you for the following reasons :

Who may NOT be suitable for men's LASER hair removal Melbourne





Hair and skin types

  • Blonde hair, white or grey hair may not respond at all and ginger hair, depending on the shade may have little effect. The laser light and the energy (heat) that it creates is absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin). So, if there’s no pigment i.e. blonde or grey, there’s no absorption and therefore Sherlock, no effect. Even with all the advances in technology, no matter what people claim, it is VERY difficult to target blonde, white or even red hair.
  • Mediterranean, Middle and Far Eastern skin types may need to be treated more cautiously:
  • Those with darker skin types may not be suitable for some LASER, or IPL, systems because their skin pigment absorbs too much of the light energy causing unwanted damage. For the same reason, people who have recently been out getting a tan will more than likely be asked to wait until that beautiful tan that you spent so much money on in the Bahamas to get, fades ! All skin types can be treated but there are different lasers best suited to the various skin types.









General Attributes

  • If you have inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Raised and hairy moles (no not your ex partner)
  • Exzema or Psoriasis
  • If you're trying to conceive or currently pregnant.
  • Any history of sensitivity to light based treatments.
  • If, in the area to be treated, there’s an infection of some type.
  • Recent surgery in the area to be treated, which includes any pec implants, butt implants or recent dermal fillers for your lips which for some reason you think isn’t obvious … let me tell you THEY ARE and they look ODD !
  • Time and money. Don’t go off and start a series of LASER treatments if you don’t have the several months up your sleeve and the credit card balance to pay for it. Each session will be spaced about 4 to 6 weeks apart (some longer) and between $150 and $600 (depending on the area being treated) per session so the total cost can easily end up being a couple of grand i.e. legs. My advice …. Go the wax for a while and at least get to know what having no hair looks and feels like first.
  • Tattoos are a huge nah-uh when it comes to LASER hair removal. The dark pigment of the tattoo will absorb the energy of the LASER, or an IPL device, more than your natural skin would and very possibly lead to nasty burns on the skin surface. Also, if not a burn, it could cause the dark pigment of the tattoo to scatter effectively ruining your tattoo. If you do have a tattoo and want the hair removed that is preventing your masterpiece for being seen, then try the electrolysis avenue. The alternative would be to get the hair removed BEFORE you get the tatt otherwise the experienced aesthetician could work around the said tatt and you’ll just have to shave over the tatt until you get really old and wrinkly and the hair has stopped growing or has totally fallen out by then.










  • If you're using Accutane, you ought to wait at least 6 months after using Accutane before you are able to get LASER therapy.
  • Medications that cause photosensitivity.
  • Recent Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, chemical peels and or microdermabrasion treatments.
  • Currently using steroids or retin A of AHA. It is recommended to wait 2 moths from having stopped using these before considering LASER treatments.






Practice or Promotions

  • Maybe avoid having LASER or IPL hair removal treatments if you’re not able to have a patch test first. It’s really important to have a small patch test done to find out how you react to the treatment. This will also give you an indication of the pain levels that you’re likely to experience and also let you see if your skin has any severe adverse effects from the device that they’re using.
  • Don’t go ahead with the LASER hair removal treatments if you’re not 100% sure or your expectations are too high. I’ve experienced great results with my current and past clients but have had people tell me their horror stories where even after 12 treatments they still didn’t have a ‘result’. Not everyone responds well to the treatment even if they have the ideal dark thick hair and light skin tones. It’s a calculated gamble, no-one knows if they are that ideal person that it doesn’t work for.
  • Be aware of pressure tactics or sales/promotions such as  ‘$90 for 3 areas’ specials, or the like, ALWAYS read the fine print and ALWAYS get a clear understanding of how may treatments you may need. Sometimes there’s a time limit associated with the discount too so don’t be lazy. Find out what is considered an ‘area’ i.e. you may want the whole back done but that could be broken up in to lower back, upper back, shoulders, deltoids (so far that is 4 areas).


Ok, you've been staring at yourself in the mirror for a few hours now and finally got bored with your reflection and have come to the conclusion that you are quite sure you're a candidate for laser hair reduction, so now what do you do ?

Go see your doctor and get an all clear from them. It’s not a MUST do, but telling your laser technician you’ve been given the all clear will speed up the consultation. Your doctor will have all your medical history regarding recent surgery, implants, fillers and your medications and whether or not they may have any contradictions that will affect you having laser treatment. If your doctor can give you something signed saying that you’ve been in to see them and have been given the all clear to go ahead with any treatments great, but no big deal if not.

Should after all this you wish to go ahead and book in for a consultation, contact me to make that booking Buffed Body Hair Management regarding a consultation, contact us here.

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