Laser Hair Removal for Men, Melbourne

Men’s Waxing Melbourne, Men’s Laser Melbourne, Men’s Clipping Melbourne, Men’s Body grooming Melbourne…. Call it what you want but at the end of the day it all boils down to guys are out there looking for some way to bring their body hair either under control or looking the best to complement their image.

I offer guys, and women, several ways of achieving this here in Melbourne with waxing, clipping and now my latest whizz bang ‘toy’ a LASER.

So then, men’s waxing Melbourne …… I offer a waxing service where no fold, wrinkle or hanging thing is left unturned, stretched out or left hanging quite the same way that they were when you walked in except that you'll feel smoother, silkier, 'clean' and where you won't be able to stop touching yourself ;-) 

Men’s clipping Melbourne …. Having a body clip is largely overlooked by many out there as a way to tidy yourself up ..... god knows why really as it’s a brilliant way to forego the ‘discomfort’ of getting a wax and the cost of LASER. Except for the hair on your head, all parts of your body are able to be treated with a LASER procedure and if you are considering going down this path, then book a consultation to be certain ...... I’m not a hairdresser and will definitely leave that to the realms of the professionals.

Whether it’s just your arms, legs, chest or balls, having body hair professionally groomed is a lot more than just getting a pair of clippers and running over yourself a few times. Some body parts need the hairs longer than others and then there’s the grading to make some parts stand out more than others …… if you don’t want to wax and are shit scared of getting laser treatments then give me a buzz and organise a clip session. To get an idea of what a clip can look like check out some of my pics here. A warning note here though, if you find looking at a picture of someone's arsehole is going to make you pull faces similar to the back end of a cat because you find things like that confronting, then you shouldn't click on the link !


Men’s Laser Melbourne …. FINALLY ! I’ve seen the ‘light’ so to speak and after looking at both IPL and LASER technology, from all the information given and learnt, I decided that LASER was the way to go. Once I had waded through all that bullshit it was time to decide on what LASER I’d get which then opened up another mine field …. Anyhoooo, I got one, at the time of me dribbling on the keyboard it is the only one of its type here in Australia and is also straight out of Germany. 

Laser used as a form of hair removal is a safe, very effective and these days, a common form of treatment which I delve further in to more in amongst the bowels of my website, so be warned it can get very icky ;-) 

As a reference point then you have the options of heading straight to the areas that may interest you most with regards to body hair management and then from there guys you can explore the various links to those pages that go on to explain even further the details of the method of choice ….


  1. Men’s Waxing Melbourne
  2. Men’s LASER Melbourne
  3. Men’s Clipping Melbourne


Thank you in advance for checking the site out, I hope you learn from it and helps you to make a decision one way or another no matter what city or country you are from. Being a person that likes to hear peoples view points I’d also like to hear any feedback that you may have regarding either your own experiences with the above methods or on my website in general ;-)

Cheers,  Zaque



I'm busting my blurter to get my website up-to-date to include the new Laser technology that I'm now offering.

Please be patient it may not happen over night but it WILL happen .... in the meantime if you have any suggestions of things to include in the site they're most welcome !! You can email me using '2zaque' care of the website ie.


All services are provided by a professional MALE Aesthetician, in a comfortable and private studio where discretion is paramount.  

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This is a professional body hair management clinic and in no way do I offer, or provide, sexual services.

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