Bodybuilding and Massage

If you have experienced joint pain, muscle spasms, weakness, trigger-point tenderness and, perhaps, range-of-motion tightness, give serious massage a try!

A Bodybuilder is not usually looking for a normal muscle pass-over, but specifically benefits from concentrated work on the psoas hip musculature, quadratus lumborum back muscles, sartorius, tensor and gracilis thigh muscles, and subscapularis, levator, infraspinatus and teres major and minor muscles. These are problem areas for many bodybuilders and weightlifters.

While massage is not a cure-all for chronic muscle/connective tissue scarring, a skilful massage therapist can enhance nerve flow, temporally increase local blood supply, alleviate muscle spasms and diminish some of the problems of scar tissue.

Massage Guidelines

  • Post exercise massage should be done 1 - 6 hours after training.
  • Deep massage should be done after training, lighter massage closer to the next training session.
  • Generally don’t have a major ( heavy ) massage within the three days preceding a competition
  • Monitor your individual response to massage, especially deep massage. Learn how long you need to recover from it and how long your body remains relaxed
  • In high-level training, massage should be woven into the training regimen
  • At the start of the training season, massage every five days is recommended
  • Penetration, brief massages can aid athletes who must perform at peak levels every day during a competition period.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day and evening following a massage to keep your body flushed and well hydrated.

Most weightlifters and bodybuilders wouldn't hesitate to spend hard earned money on supplements, gym memberships, pills, potions and training gear, but they often overlook other useful products such as a massge.

A good deep tissue massage over the entire body works wonders when it comes to building muscle. That's not to say that you get a massage and it you walk away with an extra inch or two added over your body (and not down 'you know where', where you'd want it the most either). When it comes to building muscle you need as much ammunition as you can gather for your war on building size and cutting up. Massage should be part of your routine as it removes lactic acid from your muscles as well as lengthening them, the effect is similar to stretching.

Bodybuilders are really no different to others when it comes to the benefits of massage except for one thing, because bodybuilders work so much harder by regularly attending a gym, pumping weights etc then they'lll benefit much more than someone that doesn't.

Benefits of Massage to a bodybuilder

  • Increased circulation allowing the body to supply more nutrients and oxygen
  • Helps to relax and help soften injured muscles and scar tissue
  • Reduces the incidence of crapms or muscle spasms
  • Helps to increase your range of motion by increasing your joint flexibilty
  • Redues the recovery time for strenuous workouts
  • Reduces aches, pains and discomfort
  • Releases endorphins or your natural pain killer to reduce pain and speed recovery from surgery
  • Reduces tense muscles
  • Increases flexibility
  • Increases awareness and alertness ... In competition these can help boost your confidence and get you ready to perform.

Obviously massage / bodywork can help your body building regimen and help you reach peak performance but one of the greatest challenges for any person serious about their fitness is finding the time to actually go to someone for that massage.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, feel free to pass them on ....

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