"High Tech' Massage

Technology promises a solution for those of you without a partner or the money to pay for a professional massage, these days though there are some very good electronic massaging devices in the form of chairs that can offer relief on a daily basis.

Hand-held electric massages are now on the market for hard-core athletes. While these devices don’t effectively duplicate a real sports massage, they do warrant a serious examination. The units weigh just a few kilos and are powerful enough to massage a 100 kilo athlete. Hand-held massagers oscillate at super-high speeds, which shake, loosen, jar, knead, stroke, and caress muscles at the point of contact. Pressure is the other variable: Push hard for a deep effect or lightly travel over the skin for a more superficial stimulation.

Here’s a tip to reach out-of-the-way places: Simply lie on the massager! Place it on the floor, turn on the appropriate speed and rest the back, neck, and butt or leg muscle right on top of the massager.
Note: these devices do not replace a vibrator, best get a purpose made device for that ok.

My experience with electronic gadgetry to give me a massage is rather limited so I can't really give you a good run down on them, and besides, it's late and I've been typing since 5am to update this site ! Hmmm I'm now looking at the banner and wishing I had me one of them there reclining chair thingys.

I've actually used one of those chairs a couple of times, the first time I didn't really know what to expect so it was a shock when all these balls and pads started moving up and down my back. Occasionally running over a vertebrae or two which cause some cross-eyed tight cats arse facial expressions but overall it wasn't too bad. I found it hard to relax the first time but the second time I had some idea of what to expect and made sure I didn't have anyone around so that I was also comfortable to contort my facial expressions as and when required. Unfortunately I'd say that the more expensive reclining massages chairs are better than the more affordable ones as they can sense how tall you are and where the major bones are located etc and therefore you don't have as much hard knobby things passing painfully over certain bones.

As for the other types, they're all ok if you can't get to a masseur .... Hey, rolling a tennis ball under the arch of your foot is also a great relaxant ... but like I said, not much experience with these gadgets so try and speak to people that may have and shop around ..... prices do vary a great deal for the same product !

back buddy .... and what is this ????

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