It can be very confusing when trying to think about permanent hair reduction when there is no laser involved .... here I've tried to answer the more popular questions.

FAQ Enhanced Enzyme System

How does it work?

The enzyme Trypsin is a proteolitic protein used in the process of reducing hair growth. An enzyme is a specialised protein that facilitates a chemical process without affecting its own molecular structure. In the Enhanced Enzyme System the Trypsin acts specifically on the proteins in the cells of the hair follicles. A protein is a complex organic substance made by combining more than ten amino acids, these being the most abundant substances found in cells and consisting of more than 50% of the cells’ dry weight.

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What does the Enhanced Enzyme System contain?

The Enhanced Enzyme System consists of 2 gels. One being the inhibitor and the other the Activator – the products are applied to the area immediately after waxing.

End of treatment !

It is very important that the gels are applied immediately after the wax treatment where the follicle openings are most open and receptive.

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Who can be treated with the system?

Basically everyone can be treated with the Enhanced Enzyme System assuming an individual skin type has no aversions to waxing. It is not necessary to give special consideration to skin/hair type or colour, In other words, dark or light, thick or thin, it all goes !

The only requirement is that the length of the hair is a minimum 5.5mm, which ensures an efficient wax treatment. It is important that the visible hair is removed by the roots, so the follicles are left empty enabling the Active Enzyme System to enter the empty follicles and the protein destruction can start.

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I've been getting laser hair removal treatments, can I use this system?

Yes! The Enhanced Enzyme System will work if you have not had success with laser treatments. You must discontinue laser treatments and perform regular and successive treatments.

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Is there any protocol I should follow prior to this treatment?

Yes. It is recommended that you not shower or bathe 2 hours prior to a treatment. Also, no oils or talcs should be used in conjunction with the hair removal procedure as these may clog pores or change the pH of the skin.

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I have dry skin, is that a problem?

No. Simply exfoliate or dry brush the skin prior to treatment.

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How often should I get a treatment?

Regular and successive treatments should be performed every 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth cycles over a 12-24 month period. The hair must be ¼ inch in length to be properly removed by the root.

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I've had a couple of treatments and I don't see a difference?

The Enhanced Enzyme System only treats hair that is visible and in the anagen or growth phase. Each hair growth cycle must be treated separately and, depending on the area treated, 4-5 treatments may be required before a visible result.

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I just started treatments and now I'm seeing more hair, not less?

Often a temporary increase in hair growth occurs following the first treatments as the body is reacting to the hair removal process. Removing hair by the root can reset the anagen phase for hair producing cells. Dormant hair producing cells are activated and will allow for increased efficacy for subsequent treatments and even more visible results.

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Is there anything I should do after a treatment?

Yes. Do not shower or bathe for 45 minutes after treatment. It is also advised to perform an exfoliation or dry brushing of the treated area 4-5 days post-treatment.

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Are there restrictions to sun or solarium exposure after have had a treatment?

After any waxing or sugaring treatment sun exposure should be avoided for 24 hours, giving the skin a chance to recuperate. And as always, be sure to wear sunscreen, avoid the sun at noon and don’t stay in the sun too long!

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