Genital Waxing (BBC)

OK now we're getting into the reality side of my work and also what I have the largest call for these days, and that is genital waxing. Some call it Brazilian, Brazilian xxx, back-sack-n-crack, Hollywood, and a myriad of other names that are all trying to be polite other than saying what I refer to as 'BBC' or simply Butt, Balls and Cock.

In the following pages we'll be dealing with what some people may find offensive, revolting, disgusting or just plainly be grossed out .... If you think you may be one of these and be offended, then I suggest you choose another page to read or go make some scones or something.

The fascination has always been there .....


I am sure that most of you, if not already shaving your genitals, have noticed other guys being very smooth and having a large amount of their genitals hair free. That’s because they shave their cock and balls, very, very few people are naturally smooth and hairless down there to that extent.

Usually associated with a 'gay' thing to do, more and more guys are shaving their genitals and from my experiences as a waxing technician, the growth market has been straight men and married ones in particular. More and more of my new clients are saying that they are getting it done because if they expect their girlfriends/wives to get theirs done then it is only fair that they do the same. Other than that, more women are asking their partners to get it done as it's a personal preference that that area looks neat, tidy and under control. The more obvious reason for a lot of men is quite simple really, you will see more of your cock and balls when there is less hair surrounding giving the impression that it is much longer and thicker and that your scrotum is also larger and fuller. You get all this, but unfortunately the steak knives aren't part of the deal, you'll have to buy those elsewhere.

The fight with unwanted hair is a never-ending struggle ...



Q. So what exactly is BBC waxing?

A. Basically it involves having every single hair on the Butt (including into your crack and surrounding hole), balls and cock area waxed totally off, hence the term BBC.

The BBC gives you the smoothest cock, balls, and arse that you can get. It is way better than shaving this sensitive area and when the hair grows back it's softer, less stubbly, and no itchiness. Men say it makes them feel cleaner and are amazed at how much more attention their partners will give their BBC area. My clients have tried it all. They’ve used the buffers. (Just get a sanding block and rub it on your skin - it's the same effect.) They’ve used the depilatories. (They often stink and even the mild formula can leave you with a scab for a week on your cock) Some clients even bought the Epilady. Now there's a gadget that hurts like hell and it didn't pull all the hairs out either and how they got them inside their butt cheeks only remains for the for the funniest home video show. Laser hair removal is the newest thing but I haven't yet heard of anyone getting his or her arse lasered. The craziest thing about laser hair removal besides the huge cost of the treatments is that I have waxing clients coming to me to get waxed in between their laser appointments.

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Q.Why do people get it done ?

Well here are a couple of reasons why people get it done .....


I have one particular client that would come in every 2 weeks if they could as when there's hair on his genitals, the chances of oral sex is zilch. Without hair on them and being waxed totally smooth, both he and his partner are much happier for obvious reasons. Probably a bit too much information but one that is a realistic problem with many couples. It seems a common response from guys that women don't really like a crotch full of hair but kept neat and tidy they're more likely not to say no. It must be one of those girl attitude things but, if you're not listening to them, then you have only yourself to blame.

A lot of guys have hairy arses and naturally the hair is thickest in the butt crack and around the anus. For those that are extremely hairy a simple thing like going to the toilet and keeping yourself clean can result in the use of 1/4 roll of toilet paper, just to make certain that all is clean. If this butt crack of yours is waxed smooth then not only do you get a easier confident wipe, you help save the trees by having reduced your use of paper ...... and if you are a plumber, you can be secure in the knowledge that when you bend over and expose half your arse like most of you out there, there won't be any tufts of hair sprouting out on show.

Shaving your genitals is easy enough if you have the confidence to take an open blade to your best buddies and you're double jointed, but mostly you will have the hair growing back within a couple of days, if not the next day. Sorry guys, but I don't offer shaving as part of my service. Within that first 3 days of shaving you will already feel the signs of regrowth, sharp pricking sensations from the stubble accompanied by itching and if you've shaved your butt crack there's a good possibility that you may be walking around as if you've been 5 days in the saddle, or you're wearing adult nappies. With all the loose skin of the scrotum there's a good chance that you could cut yourself as well, then there's the possibility of ingrown hairs. Hopefully these ingrown hairs won’t be on your butt for everyone else to see and who wants to see cock or balls with zits on them!

Is waxing it painful?

Is waxing my nuts painful is a very common question .... well yes it is and no it's not. Some clients reckon that waxing the chest is more painful than having their genital waxed and others will say it's very painful. I've got other clients who talk the whole way through the process and you'd never know that they're getting waxed and again others that scream like little girls, there are those also that find the whole process rather nice .... but we won't go there.


I use only organic strip wax and hot wax and do emphasise that it is NOT recycled

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The art of a well manicured pleasure zone

Picture this ....It's time to strip off in front of some trade you managed to score just before the club closed and the lights came on. You've got them home and you're looking good until it's time for some special attention and they refuse to go down there. A lot of people are turned off simply by the fact that there is way too much bush that seems to have been taken over by the rambling wirery vines called pubes. If it was neatly trimmed and tidied up your problem would most likely be solved.

You can get your pubes styled into different shapes or just have the whole area trimmed and neatened out. You can get a heart or a triangle or the "landing strip" better known as the Brazilian, (it’s quite popular as they say it is a guide for people to follow to what pleasures lay at the base of it .... who knows, but I think Hitler may have had one?).

  Victory   Brazilian   Valentine  
  Moustache   Royal   Personal  
  'up yours'   Happy Face   Swoosh  

Let me know if you can think of any other shapes you may think would be interesting.

Fear and embarrassment or alter ego ?

Fear can be your worst enemy and allow you to miss out on way too much.
Fear of the unknown can be unbearable, rivalled only by what guys could call being embarrassed by the unknown, of what is down there that shouldn't be. Some guys have been worried that I may find a haemorrhoid the size of Ayers Rock, or maybe when I ask you to lift your knees up I exclaim loudly ‘WOW, you must be a gymnast the way you put those legs behind your head, you've done this before?’ Your fears of getting aroused you think can be put off by praying to your creator in consideration of your love muscle “please, oh please don’t get excited now” and you repeat this to yourself for the duration of your appointment, well, once that first piece of wax is taken off any form of excitement soon disappears. Then there are the muscular guys full of self-image and esteem and their concern that maybe, just maybe they haven't got the biggest penis.

Well guys, sorry to say, but all your fears can rest as over the time I have seen it all, and yes there are times that I wish I hadn't but don't let this stop you from voicing your concerns. You should always express your worries by asking the questions no matter how weird you may think they are.

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BBC waxing uses

on a little lighter note ......




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